22 Images That Illustrate the Stupefying Sights of EDC Orlando 2022

We're running out of superlatives for EDC.

What more can be said of Insomniac's flagship festival brand at this point? It's long been a lynchpin of the electronic music community, but even though EDC is considered the apotheosis of dance music hedonism, its architects are seemingly hellbent on raising the bar year after year.

And after this year's fest in Orlando, the star of EDC's legend somehow got even brighter.

There was no ambiguity when it came to Insomniac's commitment to fan experiences. Tinker Field became an adult playground where ravers could frolic through swaths of giant mushrooms by day before they transformed into polychromatic art installations by night. Towering LED daises glittered beneath the night sky, which ultimately became a canvas for a dumbfounding drone show that brought the festival to a collective—and almost sedative—standstill.

Considering the festival's reputation as an arbiter of taste in Florida's music festival landscape—and its impact on the local economy—it's no wonder Insomniac annually gives its "headliners" a hero's welcome in Orlando. Despite its staggering lineup, EDC Orlando's most crucial cornerstone is its production.

Here are 22 images that encapsulate the stupefying sights of EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

The drone show at EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

Martin Garrix performs at EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

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EDC Orlando 2022.

TroyBoi performs at EDC Orlando 2022.

Ravers at EDC Orlando 2022.

An art installation of daisies at EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

A performer at EDC Orlando 2022.

The "Daisy Lane" at EDC Orlando 2022.

A statue at EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

EDC Orlando 2022.

Black Tiger Sex Machine perform at EDC Orlando 2022.

Tinker Field, the site of EDC Orlando.

DJ Snake performs at EDC Orlando 2022.

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