A bill was submitted to the Duma on the payment of 300 thousand rubles for mobilized

A draft law on a one-time payment of 300,000 rubles for mobilized Russians has been submitted to the State Duma. The document was published in the electronic database of the State Duma.

The bill was submitted by deputies from United Russia and the Communist Party.

According to the document, it was proposed to exempt those mobilized from paying interest on mortgages and loans for the duration of their service. A 50% compensation for housing and communal services will also be provided, a monthly allowance for children under three years of age and an allowance for pregnant wives will be established.

In addition, exemption from property taxes is fixed, and a 50% compensation for the cost of OSAGO is established.

Earlier, Vladimir Putin signed a package of amendments to the law on military service. One of the amendments concerns aggravating circumstances for crimes against military service. Now this definition extends not only to the conditions of hostilities, but also to the period of mobilization.

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