Alesso and Sick Individuals’ “We Go Out” Is a Weekend Rallying Cry: Listen

Alesso and Sick Individuals' new single is a soundtrack for losing yourself in the neon lights. 

Cooking up a raver's weekend anthem, the combined forces of Alesso and Sick Individuals have unleashed "We Go Out," a collab that doubles as a weekend rallying cry. Both enjoy their well-deserved reputations as dance-pop dynamos, but with "We Go Out," they show they've got the chops to take over the club dancefloor. 

The track bursts out the gate with a blast of metallic pluck synths, setting a vigorously rhythmic pace as voluminous trance chords sound off in the background. Following the initial adrenaline rush, the track slows to a crawling pace, coaxing listeners to lean in as Alesso and Sick Individuals embark on an epic build sequence. 

"We go out dancing together, we gotta rave all night," the robotic lyrics recite in near hypnotic fashion. Though it's a departure lyrically from the radio-ready hits these producers have typically rolled out as of late, the quirky flow and simple refrain is likely to stick with listeners even after their late night partying is all but a faded memory.

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Take a listen to "We Go Out" below.





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