Alikhanov allowed transit to stop due to problems with a Lithuanian bank

According to the governor, due to the refusal of the Lithuanian Siauliai Bank to work with Russia, Lithuania may block the transit corridor to the Kaliningrad region from September 1

The refusal of the Lithuanian Siauliai Bank (Šiaulių bankas), which services the transit of goods to Kaliningrad, from working with Russia will mean the impossibility of paying for the fare, in connection with which Lithuania may stop passing transport from September 1. This was stated by the Governor of the Kaliningrad region Anton Alikhanov, RIA Novosti reports.

“This information is known to us, we work with it. Actually, as far as I understand, we made all payments through this bank, the Lithuanians themselves centralized them through their banking structure earlier. <…> Therefore, the Lithuanians will either let us pass for free— what I doubt, — or stop skipping, & mdash; Alikhanov said.

Earlier that day, Russian Charge d'Affaires in Lithuania Sergei Ryabokon handed over a note to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Baltic Republic in connection with the possible suspension of payments for Kaliningrad transit.

On June 18, Lithuania stopped passing transit trains with a number of goods that fall under EU sanctions into the Kaliningrad region. Vilnius emphasized that this was not a unilateral restriction. In response, the Russian Foreign Ministry promised that if Lithuania does not lift the restriction, consequences will await it.

A week later, the European Commission prepared a document that allowed the transport of sanctioned goods through Lithuania to the Russian enclave. It was posted July 13th. The EU allowed the transportation of sanctioned goods by rail, but retained a ban on their transportation by road.

Alikhanov then said that Kaliningrad would seek the removal of restrictions on road transport & mdash; they, according to the official, account for 500 & ndash; 700 thousand tons of cargo per year out of 2.7 & ndash; 3 million tons of all goods subject to transit that are subject to sanctions.

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