Alison Wonderland Conjures Strength From Solitude In “Down the Line”: Watch the Music Video

Alison Wonderland's new single is a reminder that all dark times come to end—and we're better for them.

Released today via Astralwerks, "Down the Line" is yet another stunning electronic anthem from the Aussie superstar. The new track could've easily fit in Loner, her scintillating third album, which revealed the most vulnerable—and empowering—songwriting of her career.

The song's emboldening lyricism is signature Wonderland, who is at her best when writing about the resolve it takes to conjure strength amid the vicious throes of solitude.

"We need the dark times in order to get to the light," Wonderland said in a press release. "We need that experience to know that it’s going to be okay one day. The track is me acknowledging that I was alone during a difficult time but knew that I was going to get through it and be okay, down the line. We’re all going through a dark time right now, and sometimes we need to be reminded that it’s going to be okay. No matter what happens, we will be okay."

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"We need the dark times in order to get to the light."

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The new track arrives shortly after the reveal of Wonderland's Loner graphic novel, which ships out in January 2023 via Z2 Comics. She co-wrote the book alongside the company's cofounder, Sridhar Reddy.

You can stream "Down the Line" here and watch the official music video, which was directed by Prad Sen and produced by Fiona Dunn, below.



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