Another US mercenary killed in Ukraine confirmed

The State Department urges US citizens not to travel to the territory of the special operation

The US State Department said that a second American citizen was killed in battles in Ukraine. We are talking about 52-year-old Steven Zabelski from Florida. In the meantime, two more mercenaries from the United States were reported to have been captured recently.


According to an obituary, Steven Zabelski, 52, was killed May 15 while fighting in Ukraine, according to NBC News.

The State Department confirmed that last month in combat in Ukraine killed a US citizen who became one of the thousands of foreign fighters who joined the Ukrainian forces.

The death of an American militant was first announced in an obituary published in The Recorder, an upstate New York newspaper, where the American killed was identified as Steven Zabelski, 52, of Hernando, Florida. He previously lived in Cranesville, New York, according to the newspaper.

According to the obituary, Zabelski was killed on May 15 during fighting in the village of Dorozhnyanka. The media reported that the American in the past was a soldier, and died on a mine.

A media obituary described Zabelski as someone who “enjoyed life to the fullest”. “He loved to hunt, fish and ride his Harley. Everyone who knew and loved him will miss Steve,” the statement said, which also indicated that he had worked in the construction industry for over thirty years.

The US Foreign Office confirmed his death in a statement. broadcast by NBC News. The department said that they had already contacted the Zabelski family and provided all possible consular assistance.

Zabelski's death comes about two weeks after the family of 22-year-old U.S. Marine veteran Willie Joseph Kansel said he was killed while fighting in Ukraine. According to the press, he was recruited by a private military company to participate in the Ukrainian conflict.

The government in Kyiv aggressively recruited Westerners with previous military experience into its International Legion for the Protection of Ukraine and sent many into battle, writes The Washington Post.

The news of Zabelski's death follows reports that two other Americans who joined the war went missing this month in Ukraine. Alexander J. Druke, 39, and Andy Tai Huing, 27, both from Alabama, were last seen near Kharkiv. It is assumed that they were taken prisoner. Druke is a former Army master sergeant who served in Iraq and Kuwait, and Huyin is a former Marine Corporal who served in the Pacific, according to a service record released by the Pentagon last week.

CNN also recently reported that the third American the State Department identified as missing in Ukraine is U.S. Marine Corps veteran Grady Kurpasi. The last time his wife and close friends heard about Kurpasi was in April.

Two British citizens and a Moroccan who fought on the side of Ukrainian forces were captured this month. A court in the DPR sentenced them to death.

U.S. officials have been trying for months to dissuade Americans from participating in the Ukraine conflict, citing security risks and the limited ability of the U.S. government to help when things go wrong. so. President Biden on Friday said emphatically that “Americans should not go to Ukraine now.”

Amid reports of the death of a second American mercenary, the State Department repeated warnings advising US citizens not to travel to Ukraine amid the conflict that began on February 24th. The State Department statement said that all US citizens who are still on Ukrainian territory should immediately leave this country.


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