ATTLAS and Richard Walters Launch Collaborative Alias, Sun Lo, With Stunning Debut Album: Listen

The brainchild of renowned producer ATTLAS and singer-songwriter Richard Walters, Sun Lo have made quite a splash with their stunning debut album, Shapes In My Head, out now via Nettwerk.

Listening to Shapes In My Head, it's tough to believe they still haven't met in person. The dazzling album is the byproduct of countless online sessions throughout the pandemic and a strong collaborative spirit, which is evident in spades throughout its 10 indietronica gems. ATTLAS and Walters effortlessly combine their respective styles into a stunning latticework of aching lyricism and chill, languid downtempo music.

"I was really fortunate to be able to do electronic music, but the real impetus for me getting into music was the singer-songwriter stuff,” said ATTLAS, who had the chance to tap into a new side of his artistry throughout the album's recording process. “I think that’s why the project was so exciting, because I got to flex those singer-songwriter intuitions that I had always preferred to lean towards, and then use all the technology and production tools I had learned after a bunch of years working in studios.”

Shapes In My Head is loosely inspired by Kazuo Ishiguro’s best-selling sci-fi novel, Klara and the Sun. Drawing influence from the book’s narrative, Walters writes about life from the lens of AI, touching on the mercurial relationship between technology and humanity. Created in isolation throughout the pandemic, it's essentially a time capsule.

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Sun Lo's debut album, "Shapes In My Head," is a song-cycle of dazzling indietronica.

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With its smooth dancefloor energy and warm synths, "Factory Gates" kicks off the album with an enchanting swirl before ambient gems like "Rise" and "Constant" add layers upon layers of depth.

On “Nothing Permanent,” ATTLAS’ production perfectly complements Walters' visceral vocal performance, while tracks such as “Lately” and “Heights” contrast his intimate work with lush drops. Before long, the cinematic titular cut “Shapes in My Head” beautifully brings the album home with a haunting coda.

Take a listen to Sun Lo’s Shapes In My Head album in-full below.





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