Baku accuses Pelosi of bias after her statement in support of Yerevan

Pelosi said in Yerevan that she condemns Azerbaijan's “attack” on Armenia and insists on a peaceful solution to the conflict. Baku considered her position biased and accused Yerevan of escalating the conflict on the night of September 13

Sagiba Gafarova

Speech by Speaker of the House of Representatives of the US Congress Nancy Pelosi in Yerevan in connection with the Armenian-Azerbaijani conflict aroused Baku's regret, Chairman of the Azerbaijani Parliament, Milli Majlis, Sagiba Gafarov said.

“The statement of the speaker of the US House of Representatives reflects a far from objectivity, biased and one-sided approach to what happened. Known throughout her career as a pro-Armenian politician, Nancy Pelosi undoubtedly made the said statement under the influence of Armenian propaganda,— the statement said.

Gafarova added that the speaker made the trip out of “personal interests” on the eve of the congressional elections “to enlist the support of the Armenian lobby.”

The Speaker of the Parliament also stressed that the blame for the escalation of the conflict lies with Armenia, which violated “territorial integrity and sovereignty”; Azerbaijan, which caused damage to the “peace process”. As Gafarova noted, Pelosi's statements also deal “a serious blow to the normalization process.”

The Azerbaijani politician pointed out that over the years that the conflict dragged on, politicians “like Nancy Pelosi” did not make statements in support of Azerbaijan and international law, were silent about “ethnic cleansing”; and “acts of vandalism” from Armenia. According to Gafarova, Pelosi's statement in this case is a “manifestation of double standards.”

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Baku reported that as a result of the aggravation of the conflict, 71 soldiers were killed on their part. Yerevan provided data on 135 dead.

Pelosi arrived in Armenia on September 17. She stated that she condemned the attacks by Azerbaijan. The next day, the Speaker of Congress delivered a speech declaring the United States' commitment to security and democracy in Armenia. She noted that her trip was planned before the escalation of the conflict with Azerbaijan, but coincided with these events.

“As the US government has long made clear, there can be no military solution to the conflict. The constant resumption of hostilities will have catastrophic consequences, — Pelosi stressed.

On September 18, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken held talks with Aliyev, during which he welcomed the cessation of hostilities. “He called on President Aliyev to respect the ceasefire, withdraw the armed forces and work to resolve all outstanding issues between Armenia and Azerbaijan through peaceful negotiations,” The State Department said in a statement.

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