Boys Noize Empowers NFT Collectors to Mint Their Own Techno With “Rave Pigs” Project

Boys Noize and the SuperFarm NFT platform are bringing cultured swines to the blockchain.

Their forthcoming “Rave Pigs” project turns trunk-thumping techno and psychedelic art into digital collectibles. Best of all, those who choose to participate in minting the collection will retain full rights to a piece of Berlin underground culture.

The copyrights afforded to NFT holders have been a hot topic in recent months. Though some of the world's most prominent collections frequently fetch exorbitant prices on the open market, many of them do not afford the holder the full copyrights to the audio and visual works displayed in the NFT. 

Conversely, “Rave Pigs” holders will retain the rights to both the art and the music heard in the collectibles they own. So it’s easy to see how this forward-thinking approach will likely prove favorable to the long-term proliferation of the collection.

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“Rave Pigs” is fostering a new kind of collaborative dance music community where their holders are in total control.

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For example, “Rave Pigs” holders will be provided the audio stems from their NFTs for the purposes of remixing and collaborating with other owners as they see fit. With Boys Noize lending his production prowess to the project, we're expecting a full trough of new music from this horde of animals.

The collection caps out precisely at 6,666 pig collectibles, but with a vast repertoire of visual traits and musical characteristics for the algorithm to draw upon, over 50 trillion combinations are theoretically possible.

Prospective collectors will have the opportunity to dive in the mud for their own “Rave Pig” NFT on January 22nd. 



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