Can a robot become a prosecutor?

Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 01-02. Why did Kazakhstan burst into flames? 01/12/2022

I read that an artificial intelligence has appeared that performs the functions of a prosecutor. Are we really going to get to the point where robots start planting people? 

A system capable of analyzing 8 types of crimes (theft, fraud, dangerous driving, intentional injury, etc.) was developed at the Chinese Academy of Sciences . The algorithm studies the materials of the case, compares them with the results of past investigations and draws up a guilty verdict. In 97% of cases, his decision coincides with the opinion of human prosecutors.

Scientists are confident that the development will reduce the daily burden on prosecutors, allowing them to focus on more complex crimes.

“Of course, robots are pushing people out of some professions. But I do not think that this will happen in such a complex area as jurisprudence, where you have to take into account many factors, – says head of “Robotics and artificial intelligence” Skolkovo Foundation Pavel Krivozubov. – Most likely, the introduction of AI into legal practice will follow the same path as in medicine. There, algorithms act as assistants to doctors in matters of diagnosis, when choosing a treatment option. The robot prosecutor can also become a kind of adviser. It is possible that this technology will also find application in Russia».


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