Change will. Could the coal magnate choose other heirs?

The property issue becomes especially acute when it comes to businessmen. For example, the inheritance case of Alexander Shchukinraised many doubts among his family.

Edition “Version” took up the study of the amended will of one of the well-known businessmen in the coal industry — Alexander Schukin. The publication suspects that he was helped to die. At the same time, according to Versiya, the inheritance case is handled by a notary who opened it the day before the family received a death certificate. And he did this, as journalists suggest, at the request of the businessman's nephew. Without a certificate, according to the law, it was impossible to open any business in principle. Therefore, there are more and more opinions that the businessman did not die from the coronavirus.

Initially, as the newspaper writes, Shchukin made a will in favor of his wife. But  shortly before his death, he allegedly changed his will. So much so that in a short time a huge business empire almost went to Shchukin's nephew Maxim Repinand his employee Olga Sikstina (transactions are disputed in courts by the magnate's family). At one time, Shchukin's fortune was estimated at 1.8 billion dollars, and it is hard to imagine that such a big businessman would leave his wife, daughter and grandchildren without a fortune, passing everything to his nephew. And then so “successfully” died suddenly.

More than a year has passed since the death of the businessman. Alexander Shchukin was a co-owner of the Sibuglemet holding. He passed away in July 2021. Official version — consequences of the coronavirus infection. But a number of observers doubt the official reason.

The coal magnate was a participant in a criminal case, where former subordinates of Aman Tuleev were defendants along with him. As part of this case, the extortion of a controlling stake in the open cut “Inskoy” was investigated. In court, Alexander Shchukin noted that he was guilty, he could not resist the temptation of the governor's proposal to take away the problematic field. But at the same time, he noticed that he was not aware of the conditions under which the former owner would sign documents on the transfer of shares. Observers of the case suggested that the result of the trial could be a minimum term, given the almost 5 years the businessman spent under house arrest. Against this background, he could have been released even in the courtroom, as well as regain control of assets, which had to be transferred to a trustee during the investigation and trial. But since Shchukin did not have time to do this, then the nominal owner of the companies, it turns out, benefited from his death?

Oddities with the will?

Questions were caused by the will. Shchukin lived with his wife for 35 years, but allegedly left the property to his nephew. In addition, as Evgenia Shchukina stated in her appeal to the Prosecutor General's Office, Maxim RepinPreviously, he was not interested in big business and worked almost as a driver. But it was this man far from business who turned out to be the main heir in the latest version of the “will” businessman, which surfaced exactly after his death. The authenticity of the document raises questions. And now the widow is challenging it in the court of Novokuznetsk.

Alexander Shchukin, being under house arrest since November 2016, could not manage his companies on his own. “During this difficult period, one of the nominees at one of my husband’s enterprises was his distant relative Maxim Vladimirovich Repin,” — quotes “Version” Evgeny Schukin. She suggested that Repin entered the confidence of the magnate, due to which he received almost unlimited powers. He was able to change directors, plan their activities, increase the authorized capital of several firms. Moreover, as Yevgeny Shchukina suggests, he did it in such a way as to reduce the remaining shares of Shchukin. At the same time, the widow writes that “no investments [in the company] were received from Repin M.V.,” moreover: “my husband received information about the state of the business only from Repin M.V., who constantly asked the owner of the business additional funding».

According to official data for three years — from 2018 to 2021 — Maxim Repin entered the capital of almost two dozen companies of Alexander Shchukin. The distribution of roles was as follows: 80% for Repin, 20% — Shchukin. Now the whole empire may end up in the hands of the magnate's nephew, whose circumstances of death are already of interest to law enforcement officers. Everything worked out too well for Repin and Olga Sikstina.

According to the widow, a few days after the funeral, Olga Sikstina called her — she runs some companies that have come under par control. The woman asked the businessman's widow to come to Repin's office to sign the inheritance documents. The notary's office was in the same building. 

“I don’t remember that the notary asked my will, explained the consequences of my signing the documents. Having no legal education, and due to my age, poor eyesight and emotional state after the death of my spouse, I did not realize that I was waiving my rights to the inheritance, especially since I would never have renounced the inheritance in favor of Repin M.V. , — Yevgeny Schukina points out.

The will that Shchukin allegedly made in favor of Repin was kept by the same notary N.V. Karageorgiy, who compiled it. Sistine brought the widow to the same notary. The new “testament”, as it turned out, appeared less than a year before the death of a businessman. At the same time, as of the date of the document, Shchukin was under house arrest. And it is known that he did not request such permission to meet with a notary. Hence the question — whose signature is on the document?

Here, separately, experts drew attention to the career growth of Sistina. A few years ago, she was just an ordinary legal adviser. Now the woman heads 8 companies. It is she who manages Alfacapital LLC, which was established by Maxim Repin in 2021, as well as Absolut-NK LLC. — an important element of the late billionaire's business empire. And the reason for such  growth, as they suggest, is clearly not the girl’s talent, but rather a special close relationship with Repin. 

Describing her visit to the notary N.V. Karageorgy, Yevgenia Shchukina also noted that the materials of the hereditary case contained a certificate from a neurologist unknown to the woman about her mental state. However, she did not give any certificates to the notary. The widow suggests that the will in favor of Repin — invalid. She herself signed the waiver, as she assumes she was misled. In addition, she became the initiator of several arbitration proceedings to challenge transactions with companies that belonged to her husband. In particular, on her part, a lawsuit was filed against Sistina to invalidate a number of decisions of meetings of participants in Absolut-NK LLC. The lawsuit against Repin provides for the restoration of 100% of Shchukin's share in Yeti House LLC. At the same time, as the businessman's widow noted, Repin is already probably negotiating the sale of the tycoon's property.

Naturally, the journalists had questions: is everything natural in the death of a businessman. Law enforcement officers should deal with this.

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