Do LaB’s Iconic Headliners Look Back on 20 Years of SoCal’s Lighting in a Bottle Festival

When it first started, Southern California’s Lightning in a Bottle festival was actually just an overblown birthday celebration for three brothers who happen to throw really killer parties in downtown Los Angeles.

As their parties grew and their friendships with local arts collectives and performance troupes added more panache to the festival each year, Do LaB’s success became a fairy tale among street arts collectives.

These days their flagship event, Lightning in a Bottle, is large enough to satiate your wanderlust while somehow being intimate enough to offer those random conversations and special moments where a person can serendipitously meet similarly weird people and instantaneously become best friends.

Lighting in a Bottle.

For the artists who have provided the soundtrack to all these magical moments, Lightning in a Bottle, which is often described as a "bridge between Coachella and Burning Man," was an important stop on an already meteoric career. Today, they all remember it fondly.

To lead us all through a little stroll down memory lane, we caught up with some of the most iconic veterans of The Do LaB’s many stages at Lightning in a Bottle to tell us all about their favorite moments and most fond memories. Here’s what they had to say.

Tickets to the 20th anniversary edition of Lightning in a Bottle are available here.


"An everlasting LIB memory for me was the very first time I played the festival in 2014. I performed on the now retired Bamboo Stage and had no idea what to expect. At this point in my career, I never knew of festivals like LIB. I discovered that it had a special balance of music and experience that allows for a person to be truly present and having an amazing time. It’s been a love story ever since and it’s still one of my favorite festivals in the world to perform and attend."


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"As a seasoned performer at Lightning in a Bottle, I can confidently say that this festival holds a special place in my heart. The experience of playing my music in such a magical setting is indescribable, and it's something I look forward to every year. The Do LaB's endless creativity and attention to detail never cease to amaze me, and I feel honored to be a part of such an incredible event. Lightning in a Bottle has played a significant role in shaping my life and career, and I'm immensely grateful for the impact it has had on me as an artist. I can’t wait for this year!"

Random Rab.


"Lightning in a bottle became my family, from the first time they invited me to be part of it, in 2006. Too many amazing memories all these years to pinpoint one, from meeting my wife in 2008 to curating my own stage and being able to play B2B with some of my Dj heroes like Doc Martin, Marques Wyatt, Dj Dan (3 LA LEGENDS that inspired me to become a DJ back in 1992), Patrice Baumel and Monolink and having one of my favorite SF 100% LIVE ACTS, SUNSHINE JONES, play on my stage!"

Beats Antique

"Beats Antique had our first Live Set at Lightning in a Bottle! Back in the day, 2009, we thought it would be special to perform on live instruments; drums, violin, sax and the full dance performance along with our beats! It signifies a major shift in our presentation, the incredible support we felt from the LIB community was just taking flight!! What a journey it’s been!"

The Polish Ambassador

"Sunsets are the best sets. I’ll never forget that golden sunset slot at LIB in 2014. One of my favorite musical experiences of all time. Stoked to still be coming back a decade later." 

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