Efimov: “98 private educational organizations received lease benefits”

1.7 billion rubles at current prices are annually saved by 98 metropolitan non-state educational organizations by renting various real estate from the city at preferential rates.

This was announced by Deputy Mayor of Moscow for economic policy and property and land relations Vladimir Yefimov.

«City — said the vice mayor, — supports organizations working in the field of education. So, private companies can rent premises from the city at preferential rates — from one ruble to 3.5 thousand rubles per square meter per year. Today, 98 organizations occupying more than 140 thousand sq m of premises» use this opportunity.

Efimov also added that rental benefits are available to educational organizations of all levels — from preschool to higher. According to the official, premises for kindergartens and schools — there are 86 such beneficiaries in    Moscow                     specified the question: “Institutions of secondary vocational, higher or additional education can rent premises from” the city for “3.5” thousand rubles. rub. per square m in year from the date of receipt of the corresponding license. This benefit is used by 12 organizations renting 16,000 sq. m. Another 65 institutions with licenses for pre-school, primary, basic and secondary general education occupy more than 93 thousand sq m of premises at a rate of 1.8 thousand. rub. per“square”. The rate of one ruble per year is set for 15 organizations on 21 objects that rent 32 thousand sq. m of real estate under city program».

ruble per 1 square meter” has been operating since 2013. According to its terms, investors at special auctions can rent premises intended for accommodating educational institutions at rates in accordance with market valuation. After it is brought into line with the requirements for educational facilities and the minimum number of places established by the conclusion of the Department of Education and Science is replaced, a transition to a preferential rate of one ruble per square meter per year takes place.

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