Ex-Foreign Minister of Austria Kneisl explained the move not to Russia, but to Lebanon

Kneissl said that she left Austria after being threatened, including calling her a “Russian pig” and “Putin’s prostitute.” Putin was a guest at the Kneisl wedding in 2018

Former Austrian Foreign Minister Kneisl explained the move not to Russia, but to Lebanon

Karin Kneissl

Former foreign minister Karin Kneissl, who moved from Europe to Lebanon after being threatened, told the Eastern Economic Forum (WEF) why she didn't choose Russia to move.

“I couldn't move to Russia . Although I speak a little Russian. But I speak better Arabic. And I know Lebanon. I have friends who only know me as Karin. And this is very important, — she said on the sidelines of the WEF (quote from RIA Novosti).

In August of this year, Kneisl, who headed the Austrian Foreign Ministry in 2017-2019 and is known for her friendly relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin, said that she left for Lebanon after the threats. According to the politician, she was threatened on the streets of Vienna, she also received threatening emails.

“The content was something like this: Russian pig, you should be hanged, Putin's prostitute, you should cut your throat and bury it alive and we'll make sure you're buried that way,” — said the former minister.

Kneissl clarified that she had decided to leave in the fall of 2020, that is, before joining the board of directors of Rosneft. and began a special operation in Russia and Ukraine. After that, in May 2022, the ex-head of the Austrian Foreign Ministry withdrew from the board of directors of the Russian company, of which she had been a member for about a year.

At first, after leaving Austria, Kneisl was in France, but then moved to Lebanon. Earlier, speaking about life in this country, the ex-minister noted that she did not know for sure whether she would be able to avoid “big problems” upon her return after trips to Russia.

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