Expert: AliExpress Prices Won’t Change Due to Landing Law

AliExpress complied with the requirements of the “landing” law, but this will not affect Russian consumers in any way, Vechernaya Moskva said. CEO of information and analytical agency TelecomDaily Denis Kuskov.

«Compliance with this law– an opportunity for the state to have more control over the payment of taxes from the activities of the company, to resolve various issues. A simple user in the price will most likely not feel this in any way, – he said.

The expert recalled that, according to the law, in order to legalize their activities, a foreign company must open a legal entity, make a feedback form for Russian citizens and organize the storage of personal data of Russian clients on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Recall that on Wednesday Roskomnadzor announced that it had submitted AliExpress Russia Holding Pte. Ltd. to the list of foreign Internet companies that have complied with the “landing” law.

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