Expert Kedmi: American missiles will fly to Russia

The scandal with the possible supply of American ATACMS ballistic missiles to Ukraine did not arise out of nowhere. This was stated to by a military expert, former head of the Israeli intelligence service Yakov Kedmi.

Russian Ambassador to Washington Anatoly Antonov previously stated that in the event of supplies of American tactical ballistic missiles ATACMS to Ukraine, the United States will be on the verge of a military confrontation with Russia. The diplomat stressed that if Kyiv has such weapons, Ukraine will have the opportunity to destroy large Russian settlements, as well as industrial and transport infrastructure.

“There is no need to ask whether or not American weapons will appear, which will shoot at Russian territory. You just need to understand when it will appear in the hands of Ukraine,” Yakov Kedmi said.

The expert is sure that missiles – it doesn’t matter if it’s ATACMS or something like that – sooner or later will appear in Kyiv and he will not fail them run towards Russia. How soon this happens depends not only on Washington.

“The policy of Moscow, its actions or inaction depends in which direction – positive or negative – and how quickly it will develop,” the expert is sure.

ATACMS is a family of tactical missiles on a caterpillar platform with two launchers, which are used from M270 HIMARS carriers. Depending on the types, models of different names and combat units, the ATACMS range is from 150 to 290 kilometers. These missiles are guided by GPS coordinates.

Earlier, CNN, citing a source, reported that the United States would not yet supply Kyiv with ATACMS ballistic missiles.

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