Fox News TV presenter demanded to remove Biden from power because of the threat of nuclear war


Fox News TV presenter Tucker Carlson said on the air about the need to remove President Joe Biden from power because that he is not aware of the threat of nuclear war. This threat, according to the presenter, is aggravated by the actions of the president.

Carlson said that the United States sent Ukraine so many weapons that now they themselves feel a shortage of them. The country is also experiencing record inflation and food and energy shortages.

The TV presenter noted that the 25th Amendment to the US Constitution gives the right to remove the head of state if he is incapacitated.

“We we are on the brink of a nuclear conflict – with a country that threatens to use nuclear weapons against us. And we expect this person to have enough fine motor skills to keep us all from dying, ”he said.

Karlson added that the country's leadership is behaving recklessly.


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