Frames that are waiting. What specialties are trained for “Professionalism”?

Weekly “Argumenty i Fakty” No. 35. Came to the utter East 31/08/2022 Plot National projects

September 1, the new academic year for the first stream of “Professionalism” will begin; a single Opening Day of educational and production centers (clusters), 150 thousand students will become pioneers.

Students of “Professionalism” will be engaged, among other things, in modern workshops equipped thanks to the national project “Education”. More than 2,200 workshops have already been equipped with modern high-tech equipment, and by 2024 there will be more than 5,000 such workshops.

Where are tractor drivers needed?

For the agricultural territories of the Belgorod, Nizhny Novgorod regions, Dagestan, Krasnodar and Perm regions, one of the most sought-after specialists – in agriculture. For example, agricultural enterprises are in dire need of tractor drivers, tractor maintenance and repair specialists, so these professions are included in the Professionalism program.

In Dagestan, in addition to tractor drivers, agricultural firms need masters of agricultural machinery, veterinarians, livestock breeders and beekeepers. Therefore, the country has created its own educational and production cluster for the “agriculture” industry. The Agricultural College named after Shikhsaidov in Buynaksk. The largest agricultural holding in the region, which grows apple, pear and plum orchards on an area of ​​300 hectares, participates in the training of young specialists. In addition, the project included livestock and dairy companies.

Another demanded direction in agriculture – “technology of milk and dairy products”. It is relevant for such “dairy” regions like Belgorod and Yakutia. In the Primorsky Territory, an electrician for the repair and maintenance of electrical equipment in agricultural production will not be left without work. You can also get both professions thanks to “Professionalism”.

Seamstresses needed

With the imposition of sanctions, the domestic light industry got an excellent chance to replace the departed brands. Moreover, the demand for clothes and shoes will always be. But in order to revive and develop, the same garment industry needs specialists. New cadres are now hoped to attract thanks to “Professionality”.

Thus, in Barnaul, the Altai Academy of Hospitality will train seamstresses and operators of sewing equipment within the framework of the project. This is the only organization of secondary vocational education beyond the Urals, where a cluster in the “light industry” industry has been created for the new academic year. The specialists will be trained there jointly with the largest enterprise in the region – «BTK group». The employer helps develop new training programs, equip workshops with equipment that is available in real production.

In the Ivanovo region, where the country's largest light industry enterprises are located, it is planned to create over 3 thousand jobs by 2030. for light industry. The corresponding cluster is organized there within the framework of a special economic zone. One of the most demanded specialties in the industry – “operator of knitting and sewing equipment.”

Thus, a new sectoral approach to training professionals will make it possible to cope with the shortage of highly qualified personnel for priority sectors of the economy. After all, the students of “Professionality” will teach not just specialties, but prepare for a specific workplace at the enterprise. And intensive training programs will make it possible to give enterprises the specialists they need so much in a short time.

Personnel are waiting in metallurgy

This year, metallurgy has become especially popular with college applicants. More than 400 applicants applied to the Pervouralsk Metallurgical College in the Sverdlovsk region, which was included in the “Professionality” program. One of the most demanded professions in the region – mining equipment repairman. By the new academic year, nine new educational laboratories equipped with modern technology are planned to be opened in the region for the education of young people.

In the Nizhny Novgorod region, there is a shortage of personnel for specialists in the metallurgy and heat treatment of metals. The Vyksa Metallurgical College named after V.I. Kozeradsky, who won the competition for inclusion in the “Professionality”. The college has become a reference educational institution for the educational and industrial cluster of the Nizhny Novgorod region in metallurgy. Students are waiting for master classes from the best masters of production, classes on high-tech equipment, practice at leading enterprises.

Another win-win profession in terms of employment – crane operator. Crane operators are required, in particular, in the metallurgical industry of Kamchatka. The Kamchatka Polytechnic College and the Bystrinskaya Mining Company became the basis for the educational and industrial cluster “Gold Miner”. There are always vacancies for drivers of dump trucks and shift buses, repairmen. By the beginning of the academic year, a large-scale reconstruction of educational buildings should be completed there. The technical school has already purchased training machines on which students will train.

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