Full Karkadym. The Briton, who left his wife for a Ukrainian woman, ran away from her

The loudest love story between a British man and a refugee from Ukraine ended in failure. A resident of Foggy Albion realized that things were bad when his girlfriend took up a knife.


It all started in the spring, when in Britain, looking for salvation from “Russian aggression”, Sofya Karkadym, a 22-year-old resident of Lvov, arrived.

She was sheltered in her home in Bradford by the married couple Tonyand Lorna Garnetts. The decent British, raising two children, were imbued with the stories of the press about the unfortunate Ukrainians fleeing from the troops of the “mad Vlad”, they believed that they were doing a very important thing for the sake of freedom and democracy.

However, ten days later it turned out that Lorna was the victim of real aggression. The 28-year-old found her Tony could not resist the charms of the 22-year-old Ukrainian. It would seem that for the sake of family ties and children, the insidious homeowner should have been put out, but it turned out differently. 29-year-old Tony, who works as a security guard, announced that it was love, and moved out with Sophia to his parents.

To say that Lorna was in shock — don't say anything. The Briton said that Tony stopped communicating not only with her, but also with the children. “I'm absolutely devastated,” — the woman confessed.

In the beginning there was a word

Journalists found out some interesting details. It turned out that the arrival of Sophia in their house was by no means accidental. Initially, the Garnetts submitted a standard application for accepting refugees, but the man did not want to wait and began looking for Ukrainians on social networks, where he came across Karkadym.

Lorna practically did not communicate with Sophia, since the guest did not speak English, but here Tony knew Slovak, which he claims resembles Ukrainian. So, behind the conversations, everything happened.

According to the abandoned wife, Tony not only did not communicate with his daughters, but also did not provide material assistance for several months. Moreover, Lorna's attempts to talk about it with a man on the phone ended in scandals and threats. As a result, the angry woman went to court, having achieved the restriction of Tony's ability to approach their house.

“I didn't steal anyone from my family”

Soon, Sofya also appeared on the stage, writing her version of what happened on the social network: “The first thing I want to say is that I didn’t steal anyone from the family. It was his conscious and deliberate decision, the decision of a 29-year-old man who has the right to fall in love, has the right to be happy and has the right to choose who to be with. The second thing I want to highlight, — this is the concept of “yellow press”. Do you really think that someone from a happy family can be kidnapped in ten days? Why so much attention to my story, if it is obviously exaggerated and written in such a way as to be as dramatic as possible? Tony and I are fine. Therefore, those who supported me from the very beginning and knew that behind any of my actions there is something real and beautiful — Thanks. Otherwise, you will be disappointed in your judgments.

Sophia called Lorna a “two-faced person”, making it clear that the British woman herself was to blame for what had happened. In addition, the Ukrainian woman stated that she intended to live with Tony for the rest of her life and give birth to him a bunch of children — after he performs a reverse vasectomy.

Tony himself confirmed everything, telling reporters: “I'm ready to propose to her!”

«aka Sonia Patrick»: scammer and "walker"

Meanwhile, the story from the British press reached Ukraine, where, as it turned out, the “refugee from Lvov” know very well. And not from the best side.

Relatives identified Sophia as a “lover of walking”; and they said that the girl always easily fooled men. But this is half the trouble. It turned out that Ms. Karkadym is known in Kyiv as a swindler and a swindler.

Here is such an orientation was found in the Kyiv group for combating fraudsters in the social network: “Karkadym Sophia Ilyinichna breeds everyone for writing term papers/diplomas, sends only a piece of crap printscreens, takes a large amount and then throws it into the“ black list ”. The Ukrainians also reported that the girl was engaged in fraudulent activities under the pseudonyms Sonya Patrick, Sofia Karkadim and Sonya Dobrovolskaya.

None of this bothered Tony Garnett. British media reported that he spent the money on the treatment of his beloved, who had vision problems. In addition, the Briton sheltered a couple of Ukrainian refugees in his house, which allowed some to suspect Tony of organizing orgies.

“It scared me, and I called the police”

And now the Daily Mail quotes the man as saying: “I broke up with her. This is 100 percent. As a couple we are done».

“I really felt that I loved her, — says Tony. — I knew that we would be considered idiots if we broke up because we have a profile on the social network, and all this attention that we received on television and on the Internet … But there is a line in her that I just can't take anymore put up. She becomes angry and aggressive.

It is common knowledge that English men are not distinguished by moderation in the use of alcoholic beverages. But Sofia Karkadym managed to outdo her British boyfriend in this part. And when drunk, the Ukrainian woman showed such a violent temperament that Tony was simply unable to cope with her.

The last straw was the celebration of Tony's 30th birthday. After tasting the intoxicated Sophia went rogue.

«She took a knife and hit the wall several times with it, — told reporters dumbfounded Garnett. — It scared me and I called the police. It probably doesn't look good on me, but I was worried about my own safety.

A sober Sophia tried to reconcile with Tony, but he said that he was not going to try again, because “many times he gave her a chance.” Garnett wants the police to resolve the issue with the further placement of the former lover. He also does not intend to have any more dealings with the Ukrainians.

“I won't accept it in a million years”

Ex-wife Lorna Garnett told reporters: “I knew it would end in disaster, but I didn't expect it to happen so quickly.”

“I won't accept it in a million years, — the woman told The Sun. — He just threw away everything that connected us … It's hard for me to feel at least some sympathy for him. Now I'm focused on the kids. 

Tony Garnett confessed, “I made a mistake contacting Sophia.” Now she will have to pay for it in full, because the ex-wife is currently trying to sue his property.

Where Sophia Karkadym's life will throw it is not yet clear. Avid for "strawberries" There are a lot of men in Foggy Albion, and not all of them closely follow the press.

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