HAMX Delivers a Universal Message With Uplifting EP, “You Are Love”

DJ and music director HAMX transcends borders with his latest EP, You Are Love.

An amalgamation of dance-pop and house music, the EP finds the musical globetrotter instilling the theme of unity throughout its six tracks. On a mission to shed light on the importance of compassion and togetherness, HAMX's vocals beautifully weave through each infectious soundscape. Best of all, he ensures that each song plays off the last for an escalation of unifying energy.

You Are Love kicks off with "Who Are You," setting the tone and offering a reminder of the power of one's own thoughts. Clocking in at just over a minute, the intro shares positive self-affirmations: "Who are you? I am peace, I am music, I am unity, I am love, I am community, I am freedom."

The second track, “Remember Who You Are,”is a sultry dance groove fit with crisp hi-hats, soft pads and soulful vocal chops. Diving into the ensuing “Tap If You Like It,” HAMX produces a seductive and hypnotic tech house beat.

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The six-track EP is a statement on the importance of compassion and unifying energy.

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Switching things up, “Floating” starts off as a bubbly, vocal-driven pop-house cut before mutating into a gritty drop with a deep bassline. “Restless” subtly showcases HAMX's affinity for jazz, as he opts for a lounge-like rhythm with tinctures of electro house. He then concludes with “Black Magic,” which evokes a sense of boundlessness with its intricate synth work.

Take a listen to HAMX's full You Are Love EP below.


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