How and where can you see the ISS flyby from November 21?

From November 21 to December 8, residents of Russia in the dark can see the passage of the ISS. In terms of brightness, the International Space Station can rival Jupiter and Venus.

How and where can you observe the ISS?

It is difficult to see the station with a telescope. But it can be seen with the naked eye beyond the southern sky. Shkaplerov wrote about this on his Instagram page & nbsp; Roscosmos cosmonaut & nbsp; Anton Shkaplerov . & Nbsp; As the cosmonaut noted, the fast movement of the ISS across the sky from west to east attracts the attention of observers.

To calculate the time of flight for a specific city, you need to go to the website & nbsp;, enter the location, and in the section “ ISS '' a table with times will be shown.

What does the ISS provide? & nbsp;

ISS & mdash; the largest international scientific and technical project, the participants of which are 14 countries: Russia, USA, Japan, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Netherlands, Denmark, Norway, France, Spain, Germany, Sweden and Switzerland.

Construction of a space station in low-earth orbit was launched 23 years ago & nbsp; – November 20, 1998. On this day from the Baikonur cosmodrome with the help of the Russian Proton-K launch vehicle the first module of the station & mdash; Russian functional cargo block Zarya.

The first permanent crew of William Shepard, Yuri Gidzenko and Sergei Krikalev arrived at the station on November 2, 2000. For 23 years, more than 50 expeditions have worked on the ISS, more than 300 people from 18 countries have visited the station.

On November 24 this year, the Soyuz-2.1b rocket. will launch the Progress truck into orbit with the latest module for the Russian segment of the ISS, Prichal. As stated in the message of the state corporation Roscosmos, & nbsp; the module ship will deliver about 700 kg of various cargoes on board the ISS, including resource equipment and consumables, water treatment, medical control and sanitary and hygienic supplies, maintenance and repair facilities , as well as standard rations for the crew of the 66th Main Expedition.


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