How long was the director of Taigan Park given for attacking a child by a tiger?

The Belogorsky District Court of the Republic of Crimea passed a sentence on the director of the Crimean safari park «Taigan» Oleg Zubkov after the incident with the tiger that bit off the finger of a one-year-old baby. He was sentenced to two years and three months in a penal colony. This was reported by the press service of the Prosecutor's Office of the Crimea.

Zubkov was found guilty of providing services that do not meet the requirements for the safety of life and health of consumers (clause “b” part 2 of article 238 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation). The court found that the director of the park “provided the service of showing wild animals to visitors with squeezing barriers installed to the enclosures at an unsafe distance.” The press service said that by these actions, Zubkov created a real threat to the life and health of people.

Also, the convict was fined 255 thousand rubles and deprived of the right to hold certain positions for two years. In addition, the court exacted from him compensation for non-pecuniary damage in favor of the minor victim in the amount of 616 thousand rubles. The verdict did not enter into force.

What is the story behind the attack on a baby tiger in a safari park?

The incident occurred on September 26, 2021. A 22-year-old resident of the Krasnodar Territory took her child born in 2020 in her arms and came close to a cage with predatory animals. One of the tigers attacked the baby, injuring his left hand, which led to the amputation of his thumb.

The mother of the child stated in an interview with Channel Five that she did not go beyond the protective fence with the child, kept him at a distance, and the baby did not put his hand into the cage. According to her, eyewitnesses saw that the tiger jumped off the top of the enclosure and pulled the child up to the cage, picking up the jacket with its claw.

In turn, Oleg Zubkov stated that the incident could only happen if the mother of the child violated security requirements. According to him, the woman “on outstretched arms brought the child directly to the enclosure.”

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