How many Amur tigers are in Russia?

A large-scale study of the Amur tiger population has been completed in Russia. This is reported by Izvestia. On the eve of the International Tiger Day, which is celebrated on July 29, scientists published preliminary data on the registration of predators.

The Amur tiger is listed in the International Red Book. According to the  information of the Amur Tiger Center, the main cause of death of the animal — human extermination (70-80%), natural death — 17-28%.

How many Amur tigers are there in Russia?

There are more Amur tigers, Alexei Surovyi, Minister of Forestry and Wildlife Protection of Primorsky Krai, told the publication. He noted that 500 predators lived in the Far East for another ten years, now their number reaches approximately 650 individuals.

Where is the main habitat of the Amur tigers?

Scientists are helped to observe the life of tigers by camera traps that react to the movement of animals day and night.

“There are 16 such sites throughout the range, they allow you to monitor the state of the population in its natural environment, assess whether it is decreasing or increasing,” — Severy explained.

So, one of these photo sites is equipped in the Bikin National Park; in Primorye, where 41 tigers live.

More than 80% of the Amur tiger population lives in Primorsky Krai, as well as in neighboring regions: Khabarovsk Krai, Amur and Jewish Autonomous Regions, the expert said.

What do Amur tigers mainly eat?

According to Alexei Surovoy, wild boars make up 60% of a tiger's diet. Then red deer and roe deer.

Scientists note a direct connection between the tiger population and the number of wild boars. So, in the winter of 2021, there was a massive death of wild boars from African swine fever (ASF). This led to the death of some cubs and weak individuals. However, one winter did not greatly affect the growth of the animal population, the scientists emphasized.


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