How many refusals of the West to extradite criminals has Russia received?

Since March 2022, the number of refusals by Western states to extradite criminals to Russia has sharply increased. Some countries have officially stopped cooperating with the Russian Federation on these issues, as well as executing requests for legal assistance in criminal cases. Vladimir Tarabrin, Director of the Department of New Challenges and Threats of the Russian Foreign Ministry, said this in an interview with RIA Novosti

«Such destructive steps only harm international efforts to combat and prevent crime lead to a sharp deterioration in the crime situation as a whole. The only one who will benefit from such short-sighted and ill-conceived steps, — this is a crime», — said Tarabrin.

How many refusals to extradite criminals has Russia received?

According to the diplomat, in January and February, Moscow received only four refusals from Western countries to extradite criminals. In March-June, their number was already 60, while at least 28 of them were dictated by political motives.

How else has the cooperation of the Russian Federation with Western countries in the field of combating crime changed?

Tarabrin noted that Western countries are calling for Russia to limit the possibility of using Interpol channels to search for criminals and are even trying to suspend Russia's membership in this international organization. According to him, they want to “undermine the purely substantive nature of the work of interstate anti-criminal structures,” use Interpol for political interests, and “pressure its participants in order to block Russian law enforcement agencies from accessing information resources.” this organization. 

The diplomat recalled that the third article of the Interpol charter prohibits the organization from carrying out political activities and in any way interfering in the internal affairs of the participating countries. However, according to him, some members express a desire to amend the charter of the international criminal police organization “in order to put political pressure on any objectionable government in the future.”

Such actions by Western politicians jeopardize the goal of creating Interpol — to unite the efforts of law enforcement agencies of participating countries in the fight against crime, Tarabrin believes.


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