How to meet Khabib. On September 15, #BoomBattle starts in the country

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62 thousand trees were saved by the participants of the #BoomBattle action.

How did they manage to do it? Let's talk!

#BumBattle – It is the largest waste paper collection campaign in the country. This year it is organized for the third time. Over two years, more than 1.2 million participants collected more than 3.1 thousand tons of waste paper. This gigantic figure just made it possible to save tens of thousands of trees.

“Our country has large forest reserves, but these are very vulnerable ecosystems, and we must preserve them for future generations. A big deal always starts small: reducing unnecessary paper consumption, building a recycling system for this valuable product. You can make a lot of useful things out of cardboard and paper. Waste paper collection – the first and very important step, – emphasized Head of the Ministry of Natural Resources of Russia Alexander Kozlov.

Who participates in the action ­#BoomBattle? Paper is collected by children and youth – in kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, as well as in the offices of participating companies and collection points that operate throughout Russia. The winners receive prizes and the opportunity to chat with the stars. For example, such youth heroes as gymnasts Arina and Dina Averina and rapper ­Khabib.

“More than 2 thousand kindergartens, schools, colleges, universities, private companies participated in the #BoomBattle in the previous two years. We will be glad to see them again among the participants, as well as those who decide to join the project for the first time. This time, waste paper collection points will open not only in educational institutions, but also in the offices and branches of our partners. We not only expanded the number of waste paper collection points, but also increased the timing of the action – up to two months, so that everyone can join it”, – said general director of ANO «National Priorities» Sofia Malyavina.

Goal #BoomBattle – formation of ecological culture among the younger generation, youth and the entire population of the country. And it is quite achievable.

«Our class started participating in the action two years ago, – says a student of the Moscow school number 199 Dmitry Semyonov. – Yes, until we are among the winners. But we realized how important it is to collect old newspapers and magazines, used notebooks, old textbooks. We all collect paper trash from house to house to bring it to school in the fall. We hope to be the winner this time. And many of us began to participate in the separate collection of garbage. Awareness of our responsibility to nature, to other people, animals came largely thanks to this action. Even my dad now collects paper in the office, colleagues have joined him. They're going to compete too.”

What to donate and what – none

What is accepted

What is not accepted

white and colored paper (lined, copier, computer) ;

dirty and wet waste paper;

paper bags;

napkins and paper towels, sleeves from them;


paper cups;

paper envelopes (no plastic window);

egg cartons;

wrapping paper;

cigarette packs;


 water resistant crockery;

paper packaging ,
in t. h. shoe boxes;

 candy wrappers;



newspapers and magazines;


other printing (flyers, etc.).


scotch tape;

laminated paper.

How to prepare waste paper for delivery

 Separate recyclable from non-recyclable.

If possible, separate unnecessary elements from it (metal springs, paper clips, plastic covers, adhesive tape, etc.).

Press and tie waste paper into tight bales.

Place in box or tight bag.

You can hand over paper from September 15 to November 15. Waste paper collection points operate throughout Russia, you can find the nearest one thanks to the interactive map on the website of the bumbattle.nationalprojects.rf project. For example, Russian Post offices in a number of regions will accept cardboard boxes for recycling.

Russian Post, by the way, last year took first place in the corporate collection of waste paper, transferring 46 tons of waste paper for processing. In this way, the company's employees helped save more than 700 trees. In addition to the Russian Post, companies such as Sberbank, "Rosatom", "EuroChem", "SUEK","Metallo"invest", PSB, X5, etc. p>

Also, during the #BoomBattle, schools, colleges and universities will hold recycling workshops, eco-lessons, ­lectures. Excursions to paper recycling enterprises are organized for students so that they can see how the process of producing new goods from ­waste paper is organized.

The action takes place within the national project "Ecology" with the support of the Ministry of Natural Resources and Ecology of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation, the Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation, as well as campaign partners, including large Russian companies, public organizations and volunteer associations. Thanks to the national project, a comprehensive system will appear in the country for the separate collection of not only paper, but also other types of recyclable materials: by 2024, at least 60% of municipal solid waste will be recycled. Now only 11% reach processing.   

Our readers can also take part in the campaign and hand over, for example, this issue for recycling, because ecology begins with everyone.

Who participates and what can win 

  • Kindergartens, schools, colleges, institutions of higher education.
  • Organizations (commercial and non-commercial).
  • All comers.
  • What are the rules:

    They participate in the team standings by the amount of waste paper collected in their category and compete for prizes, they can also post creative posts and compete for the opportunity to participate in an online meeting with the #BumBattle stars.

    How the winners are determined


    Top 3 most effective in terms of the number of waste paper delivered at #BumBattle collection points. 

    Top 5 most creative in terms of the number of posts on VKontakte and Odnoklassniki on the topic of recycling and recycling using paper with the hashtags #boombattle and #nationalproject­ecology. They are chosen among the leaders of voting on the site.

    The main prize for the winners – online meeting with the stars #BoomBattle.

    Where to take waste paper:

    You can find the nearest point on the interactive map on the site bumbattle.nationalprojects.rf


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