Hungary urges EU not to impose more sanctions against Russia

An adviser to the Hungarian prime minister called for a halt to the imposition of sanctions, warning that the EU could “find itself on the losing side” due to economic difficulties Prime Minister Balazs Orban. The agency clarifies that he is not related to the head of the Hungarian government, Viktor Orban.

“In the end, Europe will be on the side of the losers in this war due to economic problems. We recommended stopping the sanctions process,— noted Balazs Orban.

He stressed that with the increase in the number of sanctions, the European economy is suffering more and more. At the same time, Russia, despite the fact that this also causes damage to it, “survives”, the politician noted.

According to him, the European Union followed the tactics of sanctions pressure for four months, having achieved some success, but the continuation will result in even greater damage to Europe itself. “So we need to think about something. Negotiations, ceasefire, peace. Diplomacy. This is our solution, — concluded Orban.

The fact that anti-Russian sanctions are effective only on paper was argued in mid-May by Prime Minister Viktor Orban. “It’s possible on paper, and many ‘paper’ politicians put forward some theoretical evidence, but no matter how hard I try to remember, a continental blockade that would be effective does not come to mind. However, I have seen those who introduced it fail, — he said, recalling that the sanctions had already caused the financial crisis.

Hungary did not, along with the rest of the EU countries, impose sanctions against Russia, in particular, it did not agree to an energy embargo. As a result, a partial ban on the import of Russian oil was nevertheless included in the sixth package of EU sanctions, however, deliveries via the Druzhba oil pipeline, which Budapest insisted on, were excluded from it.

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According to Reuters, the EU is now discussing the seventh package of restrictions against Russia, and is considering opportunity to include gold in it. At the same time, it is not clear whether this will imply a ban on exports to or imports from Russia.

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