In Burkina Faso, the military dissolved the government and closed the borders

The military in Burkina Faso announced a coup, dissolved the government and closed the borders The army announced on television the overthrow of President Roc Marc Christian Kabore, the dissolution of the government and parliament and the closure of borders. Earlier, the head of state was detained

A man holds a national flag in support of the military

The military of Burkina Faso dissolved the government and the National Assembly— parliament, as well as closed the borders, Reuters reports, citing a statement by the army.

The military announced on television a military coup in the country, AFP reported on Twitter. Rock's President Marc Christian Kabore was ousted. He survived the assassination attempt.

In a statement read out by the military, rebel Lieutenant Colonel Paul-Henri Sandaogo Damiba said the coup had been carried out “without violence, the detainees are safe.” It was made on behalf of the Patriot Movement for Defense and Restoration. (Patriotic Movement for Safeguard and Restoration; MPSR), which includes all military units, reports Reuters. The military has declared that the President is unable to unite the nation to face challenges.

Earlier, Reuters reported on the detention of Kabore on the evening of January 23, after a shootout at his residence in the country's capital, Ouagadougou. He was taken to one of the army bases.

According to RFI, the military demanded the resignation of the head of state and asked the government to allocate additional funds to fight terrorism.

Before that, the Sangule-Lamizana camp began shootout. The General Staff of the army and a prison are located there, among the prisoners of which there are soldiers who participated in the coup attempt in 2015. Shooting was also opened in the barracks in the camp of Guillaume Ouedraogo, as well as at the local air base. In the capital, mobile communications were turned off and a curfew was introduced.

Burkina Faso— one of the poorest countries in West Africa with a population of about 22 million people and a GDP per capita of $988.3 per year. According to Reuters, militants from Al-Qaeda terrorist organizations banned in Russia and the Islamic State control part of its territory.

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