In Ukraine, schools will refuse to study Pushkin, Lermontov and Tolstoy

The stories of Anton Chekhov will be replaced by the works of the American writer O. Henry and the French writer Anna Gavalda, and instead of “Eugene Onegin” and “A Hero of Our Time”, Ukrainian schoolchildren will study “Jane Eyre”

In Ukraine in schools, the works of Russian and Soviet writers, including Alexander Pushkin, will be excluded from the curriculum. This is stated in the decision of the working group of the Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine.

In sixth gradethe fables of Ivan Krylov will be replaced by the fables of the French fabulist Jean de Lafontaine, and the stories of Anton Chekhov “Chameleon” and “Thick and Thin”— on the stories of the American writer O. Henry and the work of the French writer Anna Gavalda “35 Kilos of Hope”.

Vasily Bykov's story “Alpine Ballad” will be removed from the program for seventh grade. Instead, the Irish writer John Boyne's novel The Boy in the Striped Pajamas will take place.

Poems by Alexander Pushkin will be replaced by poems by the Scottish poet Robert Burns, German poets Johann Wolfgang von Goethe and Heinrich Heine.

Also, the poem by Konstantin Simonov “Wait for me” will be removed from the list of works of choice.

The novel “Eugene Onegin” will be removed from the program ninth grade Alexander Pushkin and the novel “A Hero of Our Time” Mikhail Lermontov. They will be replaced by the novel “Pride and Prejudice” Jane Austen, Jane Eyre Charlotte Brontë and the novel “Notre Dame Cathedral” Victor Hugo.

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The works of Nikolai Gogol were recommended to be transferred to the section of Ukrainian literature. «Nikolai Gogol— great Ukrainian writer, so it is advisable to study his works in the lessons of Ukrainian literature, — says the document.

At the same time, works from the St. Petersburg period of the writer's life and work will be removed from the ninth grade program. “Inspector” and "Overcoat", as well as "Dead Souls" “because of the difficulties in the perception of these works by students,” and also because the “historical context” they are “difficult and distant.”

From the list of literature of choice, such works as “Poor People”, “Idiot”, “The Brothers Karamazov” were removed; Fyodor Dostoyevsky; “War and Peace”, “Anna Karenina” Lev Tolstoy; “Asya”, “Fathers and Sons” Ivan Turgenev; “The Seagull”, “Three Sisters”, “The Cherry Orchard” Anton Chekhov, and others.

Earlier, on June 7, Deputy Minister of Education and Science of Ukraine Andriy Vitrenko announced that the authorities intend to exclude from the Ukrainian school curriculum in the subject “Foreign Literature” Leo Tolstoy's novel “War and Peace” and other works that describe the actions of the Russian, Soviet or Russian army.

Changes were also made to the educational programs and other school subjects, including “History of Ukraine”, “World History”, as well as “Protection of the Fatherland”.

Vice Speaker of the State Duma Pyotr Tolstoy noted that Ukraine is “zeroing” its future and takes itself out of the brackets of world history, refusing the heritage of Russian culture. He added that “War and Peace” read and will continue to be read by young people throughout “historical Russia”, including Ukraine.

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