Kravtsov justified the rejection of the Bologna system for teacher training universities

According to the head of the Ministry of Education, four years of bachelor's degree is not enough to gain practical knowledge. The training of specialists in key industries, including teachers, should be based on domestic traditions .jpg” alt=”Kravtsov found it justifiable to abandon the Bologna system for teacher training universities” />


Russian Minister of Education Sergei Kravtsov considers it justified to return to a specialist in universities for some specialties, including pedagogy. He expressed this opinion in an interview with RBC TV at the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF).

“From the point of view of pedagogical education, it is very strange that, for example, a history teacher for a master's degree would go to France or Germany and study the teaching of history, including the history of Russia, in another country. We all understand perfectly well what this can lead to. The same applies to a number of other specialties, for example, the military profile, which did not pass to the bachelor's and master's programs, — Kravtsov said.

He noted that the training of specialists in key industries, including teachers, should be based on domestic traditions. “And in this respect, the five-year preparation proved itself enough in its time. It's a very good experience. This is a strong theoretical background and— what is important for teacher education— time for practical training», — explained the head of the Ministry of Education.

Kravtsov, who graduated from the Moscow State Open Pedagogical University with a degree in mathematics and computer science (Doctor of Pedagogical Sciences), spoke about his experience. “From the second year, I remember, I already worked as a counselor in a pioneer camp, from the fourth year I went to lessons, and from the fifth year I already taught at school. And it helps a lot, — sure he is.

In his opinion, four years of bachelor's degree is not enough to gain practical knowledge. “At the same time, it is very important that, completing a pedagogical university, the student is ready to work at school. Therefore, in my opinion, a return to a specialty, including in teacher education, is justified. It is clear that there are certain features, and here too it is necessary to discuss this already taking into account the introduced system of bachelor's and master's degrees, but gradually, in my opinion, the transition to a specialist in the system of teacher education will be justified, — concluded the minister.

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At the end of May, Minister of Science and Higher Education Valery Falkov announced Russia's intention to withdraw from the Bologna system of education (four years of bachelor's and two years of master's degree instead of a five-year specialist's degree, as well as the opportunity for students of one university to continue their education in another, including abroad). In his opinion, the country should switch to “its own unique education system” based on the “interests of the national economy.”

Among the flaws of the Western model of education, the minister named cases when completely different magistracy. “I am not saying that it is necessary to establish direct trajectories, that only a lawyer can enter law. Probably, economists can go into marketing, but it’s rather strange if we have a journalism graduate going to power engineering, & mdash; he pointed out. At the same time, there is no talk of abolishing bachelor's and master's programs during the restructuring of the education system at universities, Falkov clarified.

According to Deputy Minister of Science and Higher Education Dmitry Afanasyev, a national education system will be created instead, which will take into account the “positive experience" Bologna.

In early June, Russian universities were excluded from the Bologna system.

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