Lavrov found insulting Macron’s words about Russia-Africa ties

Lavrov believes that the words of Macron, who expressed concern about Russia's activity in Africa, are offensive to the countries of the continent. He stated that he expected “more ethical statements” from Paris /webp” media=”(max-width: 320px) and (min-resolution: 192dpi)” >

Emmanuel Macron

Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov condemned the words of French President Emmanuel Macron about expanding ties between Russia and African countries, in his opinion, “one could expect more ethical statements from the French.”

“He said, if I remember correctly , something like the following— that he is worried about the military and diplomatic activity of Russia in Africa and that he would not even call it cooperation, but support for absolutely failed, illegitimate regimes and juntas,— Lavrov said after the meeting of the Council of Ministers of Foreign Affairs of the states— members of the SCO (quote from TASS).

According to the minister, if Macron's words were a reaction to Lavrov's visit to Egypt, Congo, Uganda and Ethiopia, which took place on July 23 & 27, “it was quite insulting for the African states, which continue, in spite of everything, to consistently develop relations with Russian Federation».

This week, the French president also made a tour of African countries: on July 25, he arrived in Cameroon, after which he went to Benin, and then to Guinea-Bissau. At a press conference with Cameroonian President Paul Biya, Macron spoke of a “hybrid presence” Russia in Africa “through the development of propaganda, through the intervention of the Wagnerites” (Last year, the authorities of 11 EU countries announced that mercenaries of the Wagner private military company were deployed in Mali against the background of the reduction of the French military presence there; this was not confirmed in Bamako, although Lavrov previously said that the Malian authorities turned to one of the Russian PMCs for help in fight against terrorism).

Macron said Moscow is using “information, energy and food” as a weapon, and called “fiction” reports that European sanctions against Russia will cause a global food crisis, including in Africa.

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The visit to Africa is also being prepared by Ukrainian Foreign Minister Dmitry Kuleba. He intends to visit up to five countries, but did not specify which ones.

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