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Weekly “Arguments and Facts” No. 37. With all the consequences. What is pouring from the tap 09/14/2022

Nastya Malysh, whom we told you about in July, has recently returned from the sea and is going to kindergarten. Thanks to you, she is now an ordinary child, and her father and mother have ceased to be an intensive care team.


Nastya was born with a heart condition. It stopped twice, so the girl had to be implanted with a defibrillator. And special. Fortunately, such a device was available from suppliers, but there were no free quotas for the operation this year, and    could not wait until next. Your help arrived just in time.

The surgeons had to stop her heart 6 times to test the defibrillator and make sure it was working properly. Now everything is behind. Life ahead – without fear and stops. 

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AIF. Good Heart” helps children and adults with severe and rare diseases. We provide medical, legal and psychological support to wards from the most remote regions. By supporting the foundation, you help not only them, but also their families!

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