Macron’s words about the inadmissibility of humiliating Russia were explained in Paris

The French Foreign Ministry told what their president meant

French President Emmanuel Macron, speaking about the inadmissibility of humiliating Russia, implied the need to build a future with Russian society after the end of hostilities on the territory of Ukraine . This was stated by Clement Bon, Minister Delegate to the French Foreign Ministry for European Affairs.

Photo: AP

“To, what the president had in mind is that you need to think about the future, about what will be needed later (after the end of the armed conflict – “MK“) to build together with Russian society, to find a way of coexistence, reconciliation “, – he said on the radio station France Inter.

Earlier, Macron said that Russia cannot be “humiliated”, since, according to him, the conflict in Ukraine will end sooner or later, and countries will be able to find a way out ” through diplomacy.”

The French President also said that over the past six months he had spent about a hundred hours of telephone conversations with his Russian counterpart Vladimir Putin, discussing Ukraine with him.

Recently, there was information that macron, as well as German Chancellor Olaf Scholz and Italian Prime Minister Mario Draghi can visit Kyiv on Wednesday, June 16.

However, the day before, the Elysee Palace said that Macron does not yet have clear plans for a visit to Ukraine.


“The President said that he would visit Ukraine at the right moment. Several options are being worked out, nothing has been decided at this stage,” Paris noted.


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