Medvedchuk was not allowed to go to court over himself

“Traitor” is sitting in Kyiv, and he is being tried in Lvov

The Lvov Court has begun considering the case against Viktor Medvedchuk, leader of the Opposition Platform for Life party, who is accused of treason . The process takes place without the full-time participation of the accused.


The mysterious legal incident is explained in the court itself as follows: “Given that the person is a suspect in another criminal proceeding, where a measure of restraint in the form of detention was chosen for him, ensuring the personal participation of the accused in the court session by delivering him to the Lychakovsky District Court , will create a risk to the safety of the accused and deprive him of the possibility of ensuring the promptness of the trial.”

Therefore, Medvedchuk will follow the trial over him via video link. Of course, the question is why it was necessary to send the case for consideration to Lviv if the accused is in Kyiv, and the essence of the accusation does concern the events in the Donbass. After all, it was there that Medvedchuk, according to the Ukrainian investigation, bought the “wrong coal” for the needs of the country.

By the way, Petro Poroshenko is the second defendant in this case. And the witness is the former Prime Minister of Ukraine Arseniy Yatsenyuk, whom the SBU has already interrogated four times. Whether they will all take part in the process “from a distance” is unknown. The hearings were decided to be closed.


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