Military expert told why Ukrainian militants began to surrender

“Kyiv's false propaganda flies quickly under artillery fire”

Ukrainian militants located on the territory of the Azot plant in Severodonetsk are signaling that they are ready to continue negotiations. This was announced in his Telegram channel by the Ambassador of the LPR in Russia, Rodion Miroshnik. According to him, by disrupting the ceasefire agreements, the units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine only worsened their situation. In the village of Metelkino near Severodonetsk, militants of the Aidar national battalion surrendered (a terrorist organization banned in the Russian Federation. – “MK”). Military expert Yevgeny Linin, in an interview with MK, spoke about the state of affairs and moods. prevailing in the Ukrainian army.

Photo: Global Look Press

– Now, more than ever, we are witnessing a general decline in the morale of Ukrainian armed formations. This applies not only to the army, but also to representatives of the nationalist battalions and other “elite” units. The surrender of the Aidar militants into captivity, in fact, is evidence of an obvious turning point that is now taking place in the ranks of their military units.

No matter how the propaganda of the Ukrainian mass media works and no matter what their virtual general headquarters says, Ukraine does not have any “win”. Their troops are suffering serious losses, both on the front line and in the rear. And as a gesture of desperation, they terrorize the civilian population of Donbass with inhuman shelling. The strikes on Donetsk that we have all seen over the past week, when a total of more than one and a half thousand shells and rockets of multiple rocket launchers were fired, suggests that Kyiv has no other ways to influence the situation.

I myself often visit the line of contact and hear the conversations of people who are on the other side at combat posts. For understanding, the distance between the trenches sometimes reaches only 25 meters. So the Ukrainian soldiers openly say that they are already quite tired of everything that is happening, and that this is not their war. They have long understood that the authorities are using them as hostages and cannon fodder for the Kyiv regime.

On the other side, ordinary people are sitting in the trenches, and the propaganda that has been brainwashing them for many years quickly flies into time of artillery or mortar attack. Only bare facts remain – there is no hot food, no timely delivery of ammunition, no modern ammunition, no fuel and lubricants.

In the rear, the families of the defenders of the “square” do not receive the promised allowance, there is no money for educating children, and so on. Purely domestic issues are now coming to the fore. And no matter what the Ukrainian media broadcast there, the economy does not work, and the country lives on handouts from the West. And therefore, there is no prospect for the Ukrainian army here in the Donbass and cannot be.

– Kyiv can say whatever it wants, but today the front, even in the Donetsk region, has advanced 28 kilometers in some places. The enemy is pushed back from the borders of the city. There are places where the line of defense on the part of the Armed Forces of Ukraine acts as a deterrent, because it is simply impossible to break through it in the forehead. For example, Avdeevskoe and Maryinskoe directions. We all understand that now in these settlements the coverage of the Ukrainian groups located in them is taking place. The same is happening in the Luhansk People's Republic.

In the forehead of the city is no longer stormed. First, the troops of the People's Militia and Russian servicemen cut the transport arteries through which weapons, ammunition, fuel and lubricants are delivered to the enemy. No reserves made on the eve of the special operation will help the Armed Forces to hold on forever.

It is clear that the tactics and strategy of the “human shield” of the civilian population, which are actively used by the Ukrainian military, plays a huge role in the liberation of these territories. Proceeding from humane principles, our troops cannot use artillery and aviation on the scale on which it would be expedient to do so. But, one way or another, we note that the territory of the LPR has almost been liberated. Those agglomerations that still remain under Ukrainian influence can rather be perceived as a formality. Today, the pressure on those units that defend these cities is so great that surrender is the only reasonable way out for them.

– Ukraine still makes big bets on weapons supplied from the United States of America and NATO countries , but we must understand that his transfer, in fact, does not give Zelensky's army any advantage. Yes, Kyiv terrorizes the cities of Donbass and kills civilians, but they do not cause crushing harm to our forces. These supplies are needed to arrange terror, and the Ukrainian government agrees to this. It cannot play any other role, because the Ukrainian army has neither the technical capabilities nor the required amount of ammunition. And the main thing they do not have is the human resource. Ukraine did not have a reserve capable of replenishing the units that were out of action. And sooner or later they will have to admit it.


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