Minsk proposed to change the Security Concept of the Union State

The State Secretary of the Security Council of Belarus explained that Moscow and Minsk are jointly developing mechanisms to “counter today's modern security threats” of their countries, which should be reflected in the Security Concept emerging threats. He stated this on the air of the Belarus 1 TV channel.

“Last year, a new National Security Strategy of the Russian Federation was approved. This year we are completing work on the National Security Concept of the Republic of Belarus. Of course, the time has come to correct and amend the Security Concept of the Union State, since together we are developing mechanisms to counter today's modern threats to the security of our countries, — Volfovich noted.

He also spoke about the meeting with the Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev, which took place shortly before. According to Volfovich, they discussed “a wide range of security issues, primarily the Union State.” “Issues of interaction between our special services and their law enforcement agencies were touched upon and discussed. On a constructive basis, our law enforcement agencies work, interact <…> Issues of biological safety, biological threats were touched upon,— added by the Secretary of State.

Speaking about the work on updating the National Security Concept of Belarus, Volfovich noted that about 70% of the document has been changed. “Strategic national interests have been supplemented in such a category as “The people and their comprehensive protection.” We have supplemented and more fully outlined national interests, this is, first of all, national identity, our historical truth. This is the social responsibility of citizens, not just the state. This is the development of nuclear energy, the protection of personal data and other areas, & mdash; he explained.

Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko has previously stated that the new concept should be “absolutely frank”; even before consideration by the country's Security Council. “There is no need to hide anything based on some political or even economic motives. We must honestly describe the risks, threats that exist, and our response to them. So that both neighbors and others know how we will react, & mdash; noted the president.

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