More than 10% of waste is recycled into secondary raw materials

48% of municipal solid waste generated in Russia is sorted, and 11% of it becomes secondary material resources. This was told to during the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum by the deputy head of the PIC “Russian Environmental Operator” (REO) Aleksey Makrushin.

“The goal set by the president — to sort 50% of household waste has so far been realized only in the United States,” he said. “We again need to catch up and overtake America.”

The development of sorting and recycling household waste is constrained by low demand for secondary raw materials, Makrushin added. For example, at every third sorting station, glass — there is simply no one to sell it to. This is happening, including throughout the Far East, where there are simply no glass factories, added the deputy head of the PPK REO.

Also, as part of the SPIEF-2022 session dedicated to environmental protection, participants discussed how industry affects the environment .

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