Murashko on the treatment of covid, domestic deans and parallel imports

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Six months ago, in the first days of the start of the special operation, the inhabitants of the country crushed all the goods from pharmacy shelves — it seemed that we would never see any more medicines. Or the prices for them will go through the roof. But half a year has passed, and there are medicines, and at quite sane prices. How did the country manage to avoid shortages?

On this and and much more, Mikhail Murashko, Minister of Health of the Russian Federation, shared his vision during the 7th annual forum of the pharmaceutical and medical industry Biotechmed-2022 the present and future of domestic healthcare.

About the domestic pharmaceutical industry

The COVID-19 pandemic has become a catalyst for the development of the domestic pharmaceutical industry. Most of the drugs that were used to treat coronavirus infection in our country were produced in Russia. In many ways, this was due to the fact that all types of products became simultaneously in demand in all countries, and no one industry in the world could meet this demand.

Since the challenges may be different at different times, we, like other countries, including those with a highly competitive economy, came to the conclusion after the pandemic that the entire production cycle of key positions (immunobiology, production of innovative drugs, new materials , products of the electronic industry) should be localized and developed on the territory of the country. To maintain competitiveness and development of this area, it is important to occupy the appropriate positions in markets.

In the era of covid, someone experienced a lockdown, and someone created a new reality. During covid, unique projects were launched. At that time, many productions were created and converted in a matter of a matter of months.

So, in the work of the mask production plant was launched as soon as possible. The journey from flat area to the start of production of a full-cycle enterprise (25 thousand square meters), which began to produce 4 million masks per day, took two months. These are unique times!

About parallel drug import

Today there is a decision that medicines will not be included in the list of goods for parallel import. We can use this mechanism to close the shortage of certain medicines, if necessary. But  in general, medicines will continue to be supplied in the classic version. The supply chain for medicines must be traceable. Packaging, labeling, quality requirements are fundamental for us, and we firmly stand on these positions.

About the role of the doctor

For the development of technology, the figure of a doctor becomes a priority. In the post-COVID period, many countries have come to the conclusion that it is necessary to strengthen the primary link. The President of the Russian Federation initiated a project to modernize the primary care even before the start of the pandemic. Periodically there are calls to limit the employment of graduates of medical schools in commercial clinics after graduation, etc. But for this we have a targeted admission, after which the student is obliged to work for a certain period in the organization that gave him the direction. And that's right. Even if a graduate who studied according to the target set, independently decides to enroll in residency, first he must work for a certain period in primary care.

Another direction in demand today — medical researcher. Competition for universities for specialty "biophysics" and  "biology", including in medical universities, very high — both to budgetary and commercial locations.

About creating a new control system

The labeling system, which was created as a protection against counterfeiting and counterfeiting, has actually become a driver for decision-making on the development of drugs and prevention of certain deficiencies. The labeling made it possible to control the provision of the market with medicines. We automatically see how many medicines are released to the market, the rate of their consumption and stocks. Assessing the situation on the market, we can predict the shortage of medicines.

Labeling can also be used to assess the quality of therapy. After launching a new therapy regimen, you need to understand how it is used in & nbsp; medical organizations involved in the process. Seeing the number of patients in a particular hospital on a map of the country, you can calculate whether this treatment regimen is being carried out or not, and understand where it is necessary to provide assistance to staff to build technology.

The marking also contains digitized instructions for  ; application. As as new data arrives, the instruction may change, but the patient, scanning the qar code, sees the current version..

About safety of new drugs

In order to move forward quickly, we need to create tracks for a quick release of a new product to the market. To do this, you need to create a new system for evaluating their efficiency and safety. In particular, the forum exhibition was the first to present a technology for the search for new molecules that can be applied to already known therapeutic targets. There are systems that assist in the development of protocols for clinical trials and in the clinical trial process itself.

Clinical studies of promising developments will be created and supported within the  Science for Human” that the drug is safe, we will not authorize to release it.

For example, when one of the first drugs to treat covid was released, we understood that it is more needed in outpatient care, as its safety and effectiveness has been confirmed. But we needed to understand how the patient tolerates them, how quickly he recovers and etc. Therefore, it was decided that the drug will be used only in the hospital.

About medical assistants

Another key project that is being implemented in the country as part of the digital transformation of healthcare — “Personal Medical Assistants”. Now computer programs are being created that will monitor the patient's medical data (blood pressure, pulse, etc.) and transmit them either to the cloud or to a telemedicine information system. Thanks to them, a system of electronic medical records will be created and digital patient profiles will be formed. In parallel, it is necessary to introduce information systems and solutions that allow analyzing large amounts of data and will assist the doctor in analyzing the information received. They will allow you to calculate the risk profile of a particular patient and build an individual path for him — in both treatment and prevention.

About socially responsible behavior

It is necessary for the formation of a safe life path system. Now we are preparing for flu season. I inquired about the  vaccination room at polyclinic — how many people got vaccinated today? It turned out that 14. This is not enough to prepare for the epidemiological season. During the pandemic, almost everyone carried an antiseptic in their pocket. Thanks to this, there were practically no outbreaks of intestinal diseases in 2020. The incidence of a new coronavirus infection has not stopped, so we continue to convince everyone that masks should be worn. Socially Responsible Behavior — fundamentally important thing. Everyone should understand this and try to form a safety culture in the environment.

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