Named countries that in the Third world war will attack Russia first

The US, Germany and the UK have the necessary nuclear capabilities.


British newspaper Daily Express writes that the threat of a third world war is now growing. Despite the numerous options for the development of a large-scale conflict, its result is likely to be the complete destruction of humanity.

The journalist of the publication Liam Doyle expressed his opinion about which countries could compete with Russia in a face-to-face confrontation. According to him, at the moment Russia has 6257 nuclear warheads, which are enough to completely destroy life on the planet several times.

In response, Western countries would strike. The United States of America currently has the second largest nuclear arsenal in the world. America has 3,750 active warheads. The United States was certainly the first to react to the escalation of the nuclear conflict by Russia. Their strategic warheads fly at a speed of 3.2 thousand kilometers per hour, this will allow you to hit a target in Russia in 30 minutes.

Germany is not a nuclear power, but retaliatory actions will follow from it. At the moment, the country is buying American F 35 Lightning II fighter-bombers, which are capable of carrying nuclear warheads.

The UK has a small nuclear potential. It is specified that the armed forces of the United Kingdom have 225 warheads at their disposal, which are controlled by the Trident system. They are located on submarines, which gives them a certain tactical advantage.


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