NASA: the risk of satellite debris hitting astronauts in space is minimal

Deputy Head of the NASA Program on the ISS Dan Weigl said that the danger of falling debris of a satellite, shot down during the Russian test of an anti-satellite missile, into astronauts is minimal, Interfax reports.

after the incident, the debris dispersed more, and their number in the space environment increased slightly, there were twice as many of those that could threaten the ISS than there were before the incident (…) The risk for EMU suits increased much less, only by 7% ''; , & mdash; she said.

On November 16, the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced the tests, during which the inoperative domestic spacecraft was successfully destroyed. The ministry noted that the debris formed after its defeat does not pose a threat to the International Space Station (ISS), since it is 40-60 km below it.

Earlier, Dmitry Rogozin & nbsp; said that there was nothing to the safety of the ISS crew threatens.


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