National Review columnist Hochman criticized Zelensky’s attitude to American problems

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky should not be dismissive of America's domestic problems while demanding further support from Washington. This opinion was expressed in an article by Nate Hochman in an article for the National Review magazine.

In the May poll, the columnist recalled, seven out of ten Americans called inflation “a very big problem for the country.” This issue has become the most pressing for the American public.

Hochman pointed out that although Zelensky probably does not read polls about the United States, he probably knows that inflation is a problem that exists all over the world.


The observer concluded that in connection with this, it is “strange to hear” how, in a recent interview with journalist Piers Morgan, Zelensky called it “a secondary matter”, and also added that “inflation is nothing, and coronavirus is nothing “.


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