Night of remembrance. EP held a rally in the Moscow metro about the heroism of women during the war years

“United Russia” and Russian Land Foundation held an action in the Moscow metro about the feat of women in the years of the Great Patriotic War. On the night of 3 September, the day of the end of the Second World War, the audience was shown a literary and musical production of “The Blue Handkerchief”.

Women's view of wartime events

The play “Blue Handkerchief” — this is a feminine look at wartime events. He talks about how very young girls served in intelligence, the navy, marines, in tank troops. It was created by the participants of the International Program for the Preservation of Historical Memory about the contribution of women to the Great Victory and strengthening of peace — with the name of the same name, which is implemented by the charitable foundation «Russian Land».

“Last night, in honor of the women participating in the Great Patriotic War, the “Night of Remembrance” action was held in the Moscow metro. During the war years, thousands of women fought alongside men on the  —— were snipers, tankers, signalmen, were also nurses, helped the wounded soldiers, forged the Victory in the rear at the machines, took care of the elderly and children. So fragile, but so strong — they are an example for us today, — said deputy secretary of the General Council of United Russia, coordinator of the party committee for supporting women's initiatives Daria Lantratova.

She noted that the women of Donbass, like the women in the years of the Great Patriotic War, show an unbending character, support their men on the front line, establish a peaceful life where the enemy has retreated.

A night performance at Mayakovskaya»station

Songs to verses by Robert Rozhdestvensky, Bulat Okudzhava, Margarita Agashinaand  other poets. They were performed by theater and film actresses, graduates of theater universities named after M.S. Shchepkina and B.V. Shchukin, students of the acting department of the Moscow Humanitarian University —  accompanied by the Academic Choir of the Moscow Metro.

The director of the production «Night of Memory» actress of the Moscow Theater on Taganka, member of the Union of Theater Workers, Union of Writers of Russia Polina Nechitailo performed. The idea to create such a performance belongs to producer, head of the fund and "Blue Handkerchief" program, actress, municipal deputy from "United Russia" from Moscow to Anna Danilova.

The station «Mayakovskaya» — it is historically connected with the fate of women who lived during the war years. “Mayakovskaya” served as a bomb shelter. Thousands of women and children were housed here during the air raid. Once, in a day, 50 thousand people found shelter here. Here new life was born  During the air raids, this station, like some others, was converted into a first-aid post. In total, over 250 children born in the children in in the Moscow Metro during the war years.

At invitation of the Women's Committee of United Russia” to action "Night of Remembrance" for the first time, participants from LPR — actress of theater and film Yuliya Pisarenkoand  13-year-old Valeriya Gradovaya, who came to Moscow with mum. Girls support servicemen from Russia and Donbass. Valeria gives concerts for them in hospitals, military units and even on the front lines. As part of the action, she performed the song of the rock group "Kino" — «Cuckoo».

The action was held with the support of the Department of Transport and development of the road infrastructure of Moscow.

Committee «United Russia» in support of women's initiatives, actively participates in the humanitarian mission of the party in Lugansk and Donetsk People's Republics — helps in creating a system of medical rehabilitation for adults and children with severe illnesses. Psychological support centers are also opening, committee members organize educational programs, assist in & nbsp; employment and & nbsp; solving other urgent issues.

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