Nuclear cruiser of the Northern Fleet fired in the Barents Sea

The Northern Fleet of the Russian Federation conducted anti-submarine exercises with firing, according to the press service of the Federation Council.

A nuclear submarine cruiser in the Barents Sea has worked out the use of torpedo weapons against an underwater target. “ Rival '' a submarine of one of the submarine forces of the Northern Fleet made a speech.

It is noted that the torpedo attack without a combat component of shells took place at a depth of about 100 meters. Later, a training torpedo was delivered to the Northern Fleet base. & Nbsp;

Also, the submarine's crew & nbsp; worked out evading an underwater & nbsp; attack of a simulated enemy. & Nbsp;

Last week, the Russian Black Sea Fleet conducted an exercise to find a submarine a conditional enemy against the background of the entry into the sea of ​​the US Navy ships. Crews of small anti-submarine ships 'Yeisk' and 'Kasimov' performed rocket and artillery fire at an aerial target.


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