Orban called for a frank conversation with the United States on the lifting of sanctions against Russia

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Hungary, along with the rest of Europe, is waiting for clarification from the EU leadership on the duration of international sanctions against Russia against the backdrop of rising energy prices. This was stated by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban on his Facebook page. (owned by Meta, the company is recognized as extremist in Russia and banned).

“If this continues, it will affect all of Europe. The time has come to talk frankly about this with our American friends. Before it's too late, — he wrote.

Orban noted that back in June, Brussels promised that sanctions against Russia would “put an end to the war,” but so far “we do not see the end of the war,” while the cost of electricity has skyrocketed, which causes enormous damage to the countries of the continent. Since the outbreak of hostilities, Russia has received €158 billion in revenue from the growth of energy exports, he said, noting that this exceeds all of Russia's export earnings for the past year.

sanctions, Europeans became poorer, and Russia did not fall to its knees. This weapon backfired,— emphasized the President of Hungary.

Orban has repeatedly criticized international sanctions against Russia before. In mid-September, he pointed out that Hungary is located closer to Russia than the United States, Spain and Belgium, for which “it is easy to implement sanctions policies.” For Budapest, restrictive measures against Moscow have become painful, they threaten to deprive the country of “a large part of our successes that we have achieved in recent years,” he continued, calling European countries “energy dwarfs.” To avoid a recession in Europe and restore the economy, sanctions must be lifted, Orban insisted. In this case, the Hungarian president explained, prices would fall by half.

The Hungarian Foreign Ministry also notes the negative impact of sanctions on the price of energy resources. Minister Peter Szijjarto called the introduction of additional sanctions in this area a “red line” for Budapest.

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The position of Hungary caused criticism within the European Union, in particular, the Minister for European Affairs of the Czech Republic, Mikulas Beck, said that the opinion of Budapest often diverges from the opinion of other European countries. In his opinion, Hungary “has come a long way to the edge of some kind of abyss, and now she has to decide whether to step back or take a chance and jump, the consequences of the latter I do not want to talk about.” Beck explained that such a “jump” could be Hungary's exit from the EU.

“Words that the sanctions have not shaken Russia, — a classic example of Russian propaganda. The sanctions are effective, they have significantly reduced the ability of the Russian military machine to wage war against Ukraine”, — spoke in the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry. The representative of the department, Oleg Nikolenko, called the corresponding thesis of Orban “a classic example of Russian propaganda.”

The EU leadership recognized the negative impact of sanctions against Russia on the cost of energy in the short term. The head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, called this situation the “price of freedom” that the West will have to pay. The sanctions will not stop the conflict in Ukraine in a short time, but they are designed to create a lot of economic problems for Russia, he explained, insisting that Europe had no other choice. In the medium term, due to restrictive measures, Russia will be in scientific, economic and technological isolation, Borrell is sure.

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