Patrushev said that students are returning from the United States as “agitators” of revolutions

The United States specifically encourages short-term educational trips in order to use them to turn students into agitators and carry out democratic changes, Patrushev said, calling for more attention to be paid to the information sphere

Nikolai Patrushev

Students who go to the United States to study return to their homeland as agitators ready to set the stage for “color revolutions”, Secretary of the Russian Security Council Nikolai Patrushev said at a meeting of the Committee of Secretaries of Security Councils of the Collective Security Treaty Organization (CSTO) in Yerevan, reports ” ;RIA Novosti".

“In Washington <…> are aimed at changing school and university education, supporting short-term trips of the best students to America, from where they return as agitators, ready to carry out the so-called democratic transformations and create the ground for the realization of “color revolution” scenarios, & mdash; said the Secretary of the Security Council.

Earlier, Deputy Head of the Ministry of Education and Science Dmitry Afanasiev said that Russian universities withdrew from the Bologna education system by decision of the Bologna Group on April 11. The fact that the department intends to abandon the Bologna system and develop its own, Russian system of higher education, which will be based on the interests of the national economy, was said at the end of May by its head Valery Falkov.

Rector of the Ural State Law University. VF Yakovleva, President of the Association for Legal Education Vladimir Bublik positively assessed this decision. He compared the Bologna system of education to a “cesspool”; and stated that abandoning it would give young people the opportunity to grow up as “normal people, normal citizens.”

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After studying in the West, “there are guys coming back who have literally been exposed to that ideology,” Bublik said. “Both sexually and in terms of liberal values, these are different people. As a father, I would not want my daughter (she plans to study art, so she will go to European universities, where art and architecture are) returned as a different person, professing other values, — he noted. According to Bublik, Russia will fight to “not give away” children “there”, despite the appeal of Western countries.

The rector called for educating the youth “within the framework of Russian Orthodoxy, within the framework of Islam, within the framework of our natural values”, thereby ensuring its “normal development”.

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