Penguins and planes of the Patriarch. 10 little-known facts about the head of the Russian Orthodox Church

November 20 marks the 75th anniversary of Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia . It would seem that this man is always in sight, has done an unthinkable number of important things both for the Church and for Russia & ndash; he is always in sight, & nbsp; those interested in his biography know everything about him. & nbsp;

However, our correspondent from the Patriarch's press pool, which & nbsp; covered & nbsp; many of his trips and meetings, Yuli Tutin, & nbsp; tried to collect and tell the readers of “ Arguments and Facts '' several little-known facts about the Primate of the Russian Church.

Fact # 1. & nbsp; There is always time trouble around him.

To keep up with the Patriarch in his movements & ndash; an unthinkable business. How many times the journalists from the pool, seemingly running after the patriarch, lagged behind his corteges and did not get on the plane & ndash; Over the decades of hard work in the Church, always in a mode of absolute lack of time, the patriarch has developed a tough work schedule. And now & nbsp; the people who surround him are in & nbsp; constant, almost unbearable time trouble. His Holiness appreciates every minute and therefore tries to optimize his time as much as possible, filling all the free intervals. In a working residence in Moscow, in Chisty Pereulok, behind the main building, there is a small old kindergarten, where, on the recommendation of doctors, he made it a habit to walk. So & nbsp; he always calls someone from the staff of the patriarchate to discuss matters in parallel. At the exit to this kindergarten, there is now even a duty jacket for the people with whom he walks. & Nbsp;

Fact # 2. Loves sports.

When he was & nbsp; rector of the Leningrad Theological Academy and Seminary & nbsp; for the first time in the history & nbsp; of the Church & nbsp; introduced physical education lessons & nbsp; for future priests. & Nbsp; For many years he rode mountain and water skis. & Nbsp; Kirill also loves to swim, walks a lot, and interest in martial arts In 2014, when celebrations were held in Sergiev & nbsp; in Sergiyev Posad in honor of the 700th anniversary of St. Sergius of Radonezh, I met with teenagers – participants in the bike ride Nizhny Novgorod & ndash; Sergiev Posad, who brought from their homeland an icon depicting Sergius of Sarov and Sergius of Radonezh. The children gave the Patriarch a bicycle, & nbsp; and he promised to ride it. & Nbsp; And the head of the Russian Orthodox Church & nbsp; is a military pilot. He sat at the helm of the MiG-29 more than once, when in the 90s he mentored the Smolensk Air Fighter Regiment. & Nbsp;

Photo: Valaam Monastery

Fact No. 3. He writes the lyrics for performances.

Any participant in the Patriarch's trips to distant dioceses & ndash; and before the start of the pandemic, they were regularly & ndash; I have seen such a picture more than once. His Holiness nestled somewhere near the wall on a chair in the inner chambers of the next church he opened somewhere in northern Kagalym and was writing something down on pieces of paper. As people from His Holiness's entourage told reporters, despite the texts of sermons or speeches prepared by the referees, the Patriarch always rewrites them, adding from himself & nbsp; personal attitude and & nbsp; a lot of facts that even professionals have not dug up. & Nbsp; their main, large public texts and especially sermons he cooks himself. He is one of the few people who can speak well beyond a piece of paper. The Patriarch has an exceptional preaching talent. But behind every performance is his personal preliminary work.

Fact & nbsp; No. & nbsp; 4. Never signs anything without reading it.

& nbsp; U & laquo; AiF & raquo; there is one privilege surprising for the media – Traditionally, the Patriarch congratulates our readers on Christmas and Easter with a separate written address. Since the newspaper is signed in advance, the editorial board must receive the text ahead of time. And it is always & ndash; great excitement. & nbsp; The Patriarch never signs anything without reading it and more often than not & ndash; without correcting. He is very attentive to any printed word that comes from him, because he understands the responsibility that lies behind all these texts. After all, each text is, in any case, an appeal to a specific person. There can be no formalities in this appeal, and a person should not get the impression that this is a paper prepared by the referees, to which the signatory did not attach personal participation.

Fact & nbsp; No. & nbsp; 5. & nbsp; In childhood he loved oven.

During a trip to the Vologda diocese & nbsp; the patriarch met the children & mdash; wards of the social project “ I want a family. '' 11-year-old Dima Bystrov said that he and his new mother Anna Rudakova , sister and brothers love making donuts, and asked the patriarch if they had cooked such a dish with his mother … To which the head of the Russian Orthodox Church, laughing, said that in his time there were no donuts, but he made gingerbread often and with pleasure.

Fact No. 6. He maintains close ties with his family.

Patriarch & ndash; a monk, a person, by definition, deprived of the opportunity to have a wife or children. But this does not make him lonely. & Nbsp; He treats his relatives very humanly, maintains and maintains family relationships, never distances himself. & Nbsp; Despite being busy, he also maintains personal communication with them. The & nbsp; patriarch has relatives in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Saransk. When the patriarch was in Mordovia, he met with very distant relatives in the house where his grandfather lived. & Nbsp;

Photo: Kremlin's official website

The Patriarch can also be called the spiritual brother of the current President of Russia. & nbsp; In the documentary film “ Patriarch '' Vladimir Putin told the story of his baptism. & nbsp; From it it turns out that in 1952 the Transfiguration Cathedral of Leningrad was baptized by his own father who served there as a priest & nbsp; the current patriarch Father Mikhail . Moreover, this curious coincidence surfaced only a few years ago.

Fact № 7. Absolutely does not know how to get tired.

Stand the whole service on his feet? Go through the 9-hour religious procession at a fast pace, when even the young fall from their feet? Hop out of the plane and have meetings all day? It's all about him. & Nbsp; In 2016, the Patriarch, after a 9-hour flight, spent & nbsp; at the Havana airport & nbsp; 2-hour meeting & nbsp; with & nbsp; Pope & nbsp; Rome & nbsp; Francis . The journalists accompanying the Rkskogo Patriarch fell off their feet, and the historic meeting did not end. Then for two weeks he traveled across America, got to Antarctica. The people around have already prayed & ndash; Isn't it time to return for a rest. But the Patriarch did not refuse the photojournalists and patiently posed with the penguins, who, by the way, were imbued with ardent love for Kirill, although the rest of the expedition members hissed.

Fact number 8. Almost died in a plane crash.

On the way back from that historic tour of Cuba-America-Antarctica, the engine in the plane in which the Patriarch and the accompanying journalists were flying. & nbsp; In the ensuing & nbsp; unexpectedly after the usual hum of engines, the silence & nbsp; The Patriarch continued to busily discuss the details of the next day's meetings & nbsp; with his press secretary. He was not only not scared, but showed everyone else how courageously one should treat any problem. One of our colleagues, who fell into the aisle in a frantic prayer for salvation, was forced to shake off her knees and continue to write news about the visit for her publication. & Nbsp;

Fact No. 9. & nbsp; 50 years could not visit alone temple.

In 2018, while visiting the & nbsp; Feropontov Monastery, entering the temple painted by Dionysius, the patriarch recalled a long story from his life. In 1969, he specially came to this distant monastery to see the frescoes. It was winter, and the museum employee categorically refused to let the then young priest into the church, referring to the fact that frost when opening the door could damage the painting. It so happened that he was able to realize his plans & nbsp; only & nbsp; almost 50 years ago.

Fact number 10. There are no close friends.

The patriarch & nbsp; a lot of people with whom he is pleased and interesting to communicate, he is always ready for a conversation, but he has no friends in our usual human understanding of the word. And & nbsp; he himself spoke about this more than once, there can be no friends in the sense that the head of the Church needs to be with those around him at the same, equal distance, so that there are no attempts to pressure. He sacrificed for the good of the Church his personal interests, affections, and communication habits. There are really no close people around him who could boast of the status of a “ friend of the patriarch. '' Although, of course, this does not negate the fact that the patriarch has many good and good friends with whom he has maintained warm relations for decades.


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