Peskov said that the crisis in Ukraine will be long

Russia has been conducting a special operation in Ukraine for almost four months. The Ministry of Defense announced the completion of the first stage of the operation at the end of March. According to Peskov, “it will be a long crisis”

The crisis in Ukraine will be long, and Western countries will never be able to regain Moscow's trust. Dmitry Peskov, press secretary of the President of Russia, stated this in an interview with MSNBC.

“Yes, it will be a long crisis, but we will never trust the West again,”— he said.

Russia's special operation in Ukraine began on the night of February 24, this decision was made by President Vladimir Putin. He called his decision forced and explained that otherwise Russia would have faced an even greater threat.

The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the fulfillment of the goals of the first stage of the special operation at the end of March. The department said that the action plan was supposed to force the enemy to concentrate forces and resources on the protection of large settlements, including & mdash; Kyiv. The main goal of the operation is the Donbas direction, the ministry said.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has previously said that London and Western allies must be prepared for a protracted conflict in Ukraine. According to him, they must ensure the supply of weapons and ammunition to Kyiv and train the Ukrainian military faster than the Russian side.

NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg agreed with his opinion, saying that the alliance should be ready to provide assistance to Kyiv in the face of protracted hostilities. “We must prepare for the fact that it [the conflict in Ukraine] may take years. We must not refuse to support Ukraine, despite the fact that the costs are high, — he said.

The Washington Post also wrote that the US and allies are preparing for a protracted conflict in Ukraine. The source of the publication noted that the increase in the supply of American weapons is aimed at preventing the prolongation of hostilities, since the United States is thus trying to get Moscow to refuse to continue them and strengthen Kyiv's position in the negotiations.

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Western countries, including the EU and the USA, after the start of the Russian military operation, imposed sanctions against Moscow and began supplying weapons to Kyiv. In early June, the US authorities announced that they would supply Ukraine with HIMARS MLRS as part of the next military aid package.

Russian authorities condemn the transfer of weapons to Kyiv. According to President Vladimir Putin, the purpose of the “fuss” around such supplies— prolong the conflict as much as possible. Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said that since NATO “enters into a war with Russia through a proxy and arms this proxy, then in war as in war.” At the same time, Moscow has repeatedly stressed that the goals of the military operation in Ukraine will be fulfilled, despite the “pumping” Kyiv with Western weapons.

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