Plastic surgeon spoke about the main dangers of Botox

The main danger when injecting Botox for a person is a strong allergic reaction that can occur after any intake of this drug, told Channel Five. plastic surgeon Olga Ovanesova.

She said that in large quantities Botox can cause an allergic reaction.

“Moreover, the reaction may not occur the first, second, third time, but on the fifth time it will arise. And this, accordingly, is a threat to life, », — she explained.

Allergy is also possible to hyaluronic acid, acid-based fillers and mesotherapeutic drugs.

The doctor advises the use of botulinum toxin only after consulting a specialist, and the procedures take place in a clinic, in hospital conditions. In addition, Ovanesova does not recommend using the drug frequently, as addiction will occur and the dose will have to be increased.

Earlier, Russian cosmetologists warned about a possible shortage of Botox .

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