Poland rejects plans to establish control over part of Ukraine

Poland denied accusations of plans to “seize the west of Ukraine.” Earlier, Naryshkin

Reports of Poland's plans to “annex the west of Ukraine”— this is a lie, the purpose of which is to sow mistrust between Kyiv and Warsaw, Stanislav Zharin, press secretary of the Minister-Coordinator of the Polish Intelligence Services, wrote on Twitter.

So he reacted to the words of the director of the Russian Foreign Intelligence Service, Sergei Naryshkin, who said that Poland wants to return “historical possessions” in western Ukraine under the pretext of “protection against Russian aggression.”

“The lie about Poland's alleged plans to attack western Ukraine has been repeated for several years,”— Zharin said.

According to him, the purpose of such an “information operation” is “strengthening mistrust between Ukraine and Poland, undermining cooperation between Ukraine and the United States, presenting the West as an aggressive subject in relation to Russia, and Poland— as a “warmonger” who poses a threat to all of NATO and Europe.

That Washington and Warsaw are developing a plan to establish Poland's control over its “historical possessions”; in Ukraine, Naryshkin reported earlier on 28 April. According to him, Poland wants to send troops to the western regions of Ukraine under the slogan of their “protection against Russian aggression.”

However, to deploy “Polish peacekeepers” is planned where the threat of a direct collision with the Russian military is minimal, in order to later be able to take control of strategic facilities, the head of the Foreign Intelligence Service noted. According to him, Poland is counting on the fact that the consolidation of its troops in the west of Ukraine will split the country and Warsaw will receive territories that will include its “peacekeepers”.

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Later on the same day, April 28, Poland announced the exercises and the movement of equipment near the borders with Ukraine and Germany. The military emphasized that the exercises will be held in accordance with the program of maneuvers planned for this year.

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