Political scientist spoke about US involvement in attacks on Russian refineries

“I would like to hear from them”

On June 22, a fire broke out at the Novoshakhtinsk oil refinery (refinery) in the Rostov region, allegedly caused by an attack by Ukrainian drones. Crimean political scientist Vladimir Dzharalla considers the increased attacks on Russian targets “stunning in terms of barbarism”, and he also believes that the United States is directly involved in their conduct.

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At a press conference at the Patriot media center, Jaralla noted that although the shells are controlled by Ukrainian operators, coordination of forces is of key importance. According to the expert, it is actually conducted by the United States, namely from their Ramstein airbase.

The political scientist specified that the operators coordinate all their actions with the Americans. At the same time, as the specialist noted, the Americans say they do not want clashes, but there is every reason to believe that they are involved in what happened. Jaralla stressed that he would like to hear answers from the United States.

The expert added that Ukraine has inflicted damage on civilians by carrying out its attack, and Russia can only respond to this with a victory. Jaralla concluded that the special operation of the Russian Federation on the territory of Ukraine should be “brought to its logical end.”

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