Profession: Bodyguard. How will the law on security activities change?

A draft law on private security activities has been submitted to the Duma. In the event of its adoption, the powers of security companies will expand, but state control will tighten. The authors of the bill aredeputies Alexander Khinshtein,Eduard Valeev and Anatoly Vyborny.

Now the entrepreneurs who provide security operate on the basis of a law adopted back in 1992. The new draft law brings the legal framework in in line with time. Now, with a license, security companies will be able to engage in cynological activities, put out fires, rescue people and property in an emergency, and transport protected goods. In addition, the bill introduces the legal concept of “bodyguard”, allows security firms to create branches in the regions of the Russian Federation other than the region of registration, and, if necessary, to attract co-executors.

On the other hand, for enterprises and individuals, the security type of activity becomes exclusive.   each employee will have a personal security guard card in the form established by the state. Each PSC will be required to maintain a register of personal cards. The interaction of private security companies and law enforcement agencies in the field of ensuring public order is regulated. At the same time, the deputies distinguish between mandatory and contractual cooperation.

Especially for, one of the initiators of the amendments, Duma deputy Alexander Khinshtein, commented on the need for changes in the law: “The law” On “detective and” security activities “; was adopted back in 1992 year! Then many private security companies simply covered themselves with it to legalize the carrying of weapons, and legislators did not distinguish between a security guard and a detective. Over the past 30 years, the situation in the country has changed dramatically, the non-state security sector has become a large professional industry, employing 670,000 people. qualified employees. Therefore, there was a need to amend the law. A lot of preliminary work was carried out to coordinate the provisions of the law with relevant departments, with market participants. Now the types of activities of private security companies and their licensing have been specified. The interaction of security companies with law enforcement agencies is regulated both on a contractual basis, and on a mandatory basis, based on their existing licenses (for example, search and search activities)».

The market participants' attitude to deputies' initiative is rather positive. "We act on the basis of the law adopted back in 1992   — says President of the All-Russian Industry Association of Employers in the & nbsp; sphere of safety and & nbsp; Alexander Kozlov, — it needed to be changed a long time ago. Now the security activity is separated from  detective and recognized as exclusive, the founders and managers must be professionals and engage only in the security activity. Powers have been expanded, 7 types of activities are clearly defined, from cash collection to cynology. I would like and more, for example, GUP “Protection” more than 100 types of activities, but we and consider this step as positive. We also welcome permission to open branches. The changes will allow large security corporations to legally appear. Therefore, in general, the attitude towards the bill is positive, it fixes the de jure established practice».

The legislative initiatives will directly affect 17.5 thousand security companies throughout Russia. They are 670 & nbsp; thousand. employees ensure security at 1.4 million objects. How these initiatives will affect all other citizens, we will find out after the approval of the bill in the Duma.

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